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PEBO adds Republican to cabinet: Ray LaHood R-IL gets Secretary of Transportation nod…greenies ‘weep’…

Illinois Republican Ray LaHood has been tapped by PEBO for Secretary of Transportation according to Ben Smith at Politico. Many seem appalled at the pick, and the failure to roll it out at the Energy presser, and there is apparently plenty in LaHood’s environmental record for them to complain about.  (I guess this means I won’t be getting my national monorail based on Disneyland’s layout) (warning HuffPo). I wonder how Pelosi is taking it?

This would seem to be a rather important appointment in light of the projections for PEBO spending in infrastructure, but it wasn’t rolled out with the Energy team…

Streetsblog has the scoop:

…The selection of a downstate Illinois Republican with close ties to highway lobby stalwart Caterpillar Inc. is being taken by many as a clear sign that progressive transportation policy is, for now, nowhere near the top of the Obama’s agenda.

“Obama still hasn’t made the transportation – land use – climate connection,” Petra Todorovich, director of Regional Plan Association’s America 2050 program said. “It’s clear he’s thinking about these things in separate categories.” For Todorovich and other advocates, the LaHood pick was the second shoe to drop this week. The first piece of bad news arrived on Monday when Obama trotted out his “green dream team,” his appointments to key environmental, energy and climate posts, and the transportation secretary was nowhere to be found.


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