GE: The Worst investment for shareholders…in the world!!!(or at least one the SEC fined for lying to investors…)

Something Olby will no doubt skip in his next rant…


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Kudlow on new ‘Green’ Economy – says Immelt is totally wrong…

agree! and Jeff Immelt is a total tool and everyone knows it….

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UPDATE 5: Video added; Marty Feldstein comes out of TOTUS meeting and not playing ball, says consumers hurt by cap and trade, hurts economy..OMG Geithner just told DeMint that it is Treasury attys view that they have a 700B revolving line of credit in TARP legislation!!! Geithner on the Hill…again…

Update 5: Vodpod videos no longer available.

Update 4: Marty Feldstein comes out of economic advisers meeting talking to Becky Quick LIVE now CNBC

NOT playing along, says hour was spent talking about cap n trade and he raised the concerns about consumer rising prices and costs to recovering economy, Feldstein is explaining to Americans that TOTUS Team is REALLY EXCITED about cap and trade and basically telling us to CALL OUR CONGRESS CRITTERS and VOICE OUR NO VOTES and OPPOSITION to cap and trade or it is coming!!!

I love that Feldstein wont be a pawn and is giving his HONEST OPINION, It is a hidden tax he says….CALL YOUR CRITTERS JUST SAY NO TO HIGHER ENERGY COSTS IN A DAMNED RECESSION!

Call here

FYI Markets were up nicely and are turning lower as Tim says they have revolving 700B of our money to use as they see fit while TOTUS Econ Adviser Team says cap and trade is coming but they say it is green jobs !

Update 3: SHxt, now they jumped to the Council of Economic Advisers talking after meeting with TOTUS, It os GE’s Immelt talking about how we need, wait for it..GREEN JOBS,…ZOMG!! Another nail in the economys coffin….gee wonder why GE is so interested in this and healthcare, evil bastids…

Update 2: Vittner following up saying Sen Gregg wrote to Treasury telling them this is contrary to Senate’s understanding of TARP law when it passed. Tim is pushing back says he wrote a letter back, (yesterday) and now saying I understand but our reading of the law is that we have this power…SHXT CNBC interrupted to go to SEC..frak!

OMG OMG OMG DeMint just got Tim to admit Treasury and Admin lawyers in reviewing TARP legislation believe they have ONGOING authority to CONTINUE to use 700B out of General Funds to do with as they see fit in the financial markets..OMG OMG OMG

DeMint said if it is paid back it goes back into General Funds right, that is taken from what you can use. Tim said Yes and NO It goes to General Funds but WE CAN STILL DRAW IT AND USE IT DeMint said permanently, Tim said not sure about permanently but our attorneys say on an ongoing basis..


Will get video up as soon as humanly possible…


If you are a glutton for punishment like I am, lol, watch live on CNBC Stream here

He is testifying before Dodd, friend of Angelo’s Cmte….ugh…


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GE Shareholder Meeting: Applause Against NBC MSNBC Media Bias…O’Reilly Investigates Jeffrey Immelt With Laura Ingraham

Jesse Waters, Jeffrey Immelt, O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham talk about GE’s connection to Obama

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Inside GE’s Shareholder Meeting –

couldnt happen to a nicer guy, that rat frakker..even SHAREHOLDERS are PIXXED about the BIAS on NBC MSNBC

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Here we see Jeff Immelt and his NBC chief Jeff Zucker in a stare down over which one will bring the  kool aid doped cheese over to CNBC this time…

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The Payoff..GE NBC CEO Immelt named to Economic Advisory Panel by Obama…also tapped: the woman who helped create subprime and kill Superior Bank, Penny Pritzker…Auston ‘NAFTA’ Goolsbee too! great!

Update: Auston NAFTA Doublespeak Goolsbee also leading the team! Oh Good, cause there weren’t enough untrustworthy shills on the panel already!

After two years of pimping out NBC and it’s frat boy cohort MSNBC to Team Obama as the Pravda of the Primary Season, Jeff Immelt and GE (parent of NBC Universal) have their payoff, a seat at the table as economic policy is proposed and managed….

Speaking of prostituting corporations and payoffs, reminds me of a tune…RED LIGHTS BURNING BRIGHT TONIGHT……I would feel better if they gave ‘Eddie’ a seat at the table myself….

Also named, Penny Pritzker (aka slayer of banks and stealer of family savings), IIRC her family STILL owes the FDIC MILLIONS for the failure of Superior Bank:

CNBC (whose parent is GE):

President Barack Obama is bringing in a team of outside advisers to help steer the economy out of a tailspin, while ridiculing Republicans for clinging to a “losing formula” as the nation plunged to the crisis point.


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