House, M.D. 6.5 ‘Instant Karma’ Sneak Peeks

Oh noes I think we are approaching the end of Jennifer Morrison on the show! 😦

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House M.D. Season 6 Premiere tonight: Sneak Peeks & Interview w/ Hugh Laurie and cast…

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On Thursday, September 17th the cast of House took to the Red Carpet (that was blue) for the sixth season premiere of House MD at the Arclight theater in Hollywood.
Ford Fiesta Agents Bridget O’Neill and Meghan Mathes talk to the cast about the show, what we can expect for season six, and who in the cast is a “twitterhead”

On September 21, 2009, tune into FOX at 8.7c for the two hour premiere of House. It’s SO GOOD!

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NYDailyNews gives the 2 hour season 6 premiere rave reviews. I am glad to hear it, b/c last season bored me to tears and I am a Hugh Laurie fan..

House” launches its sixth season Monday night with its title doctor character now a patient, having checked himself into Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital…it’s just House and the residents of Mayfield, notably Dr. Darryl Nolan (Andre Braugher), who will decide after treatment whether to recommend that House get his medical license back.

…Dr. Nolan is a worthy adversary, one of the first dueling partners who often seems able to match House in strategic planning.

Like House, he thinks three moves ahead, and when House deduces some potentially humiliating personal information designed to send the doctor slinking back to his office, Nolan shrugs and says he’s not the issue here….In any case, he finds plenty of new peeps to play off in his new place. Besides Dr. Nolan, his main sparring partner becomes his roommate, Alvie (Lin-Manuel Miranda).

..Other complications arise as well, and Laurie is superb in this episode, carrying scenes so strongly that for long stretches the viewer will forget the absence of his regular colleagues entirely.

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