Update: 7000! video of the crowd;Tucson Tea Party – Tucson’s Last Stand: Judge Andrew Napolitano

Update 2: Video of James T Harris’ speech added at end of post

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Tucson Tea Party – Tucson’s Last Stand Event
7000+ people can out to see Judge Andrew Napolitano, Barry Goldwater, J.D. Hayworth, James T. Harris and others. It was AWESOME!


Amazing turnout! Tucson is ready for 2010! Begin planning your post Congressional career now Gaby! Don’t think Joe Biden can raise enough dough out of state to save this seat, na na na na, hey hey goodbye!!

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Tea Party Patriots: Tucson Tea Party 10/10 with Judge Andrew Napolitano…

Come on down to Tucson Tea Party Patriots!!!

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Invitation to Tucson Tea Party – Tucson’s Last Stand Event
Oct 10, 2009 Keynote Speaker Judge Andrew Napolitano
This event is to raise money to help clean house in 2009 and 2010



The Tucson Tea Party is extremely excited to announce the biggest tea party event that we have ever organized!

Tucson’s Last Stand will be on October 10 at Tucson Electric Park from 10 am – 1 pm. Seating capacity is 11,500! Admission is free, no tickets necessary, though donations are encouraged.

…Attendees will also be able to engage directly with City Council and Congressional candidates who are competing in upcoming elections.

The purpose of Tucson’s Last Stand is to galvanize the people of Tucson and Pima County to clean house in November’s Tucson City Council election, and then continue onward into 2010. It is imperative that we take the tea party movement to the next level if we are to achieve this.

Tucson’s Last Stand will also be a major fundraiser for the electoral battles ahead, and while admission is free, donations are strongly encouraged.

For more information, see the links below:

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Tea Party Patriots: 8/1 Columbus, OH rally draws thousands…

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Columbus Dispatch (making local papers now) via Instapundit:

…Organized by the Ohio Liberty Council, people arrived by the busload and expressed anger over issues such as taxes and government intrusion.

Some collected signatures in hopes of eliminating Ohio’s estate tax with a 2010 ballot initiative. Many wore or carried messages with them, such as a sign that read, “Grow your own dope plant a politician.”

“I want the right to drive a gas-guzzler and choose my own health care,” said Amy Chauvette, 45, of Toledo, who held a sign that read, “America home of the free? Not lately.”

“Government is losing sight of what they are really there for. They are not there to run car companies or health care. They are there to keep this country free.”

The featured speaker, Andrew Napolitano, a New Jersey Superior Court judge and a Fox News commentator, got the crowd into a “freedom” chant and blasted the expanded government authority and lack of oversight contained in the Patriot Act.

“Remember, the government hates freedom. It is an obstacle to what everyone there desires,” said Napolitano, whose speech ended with Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It blasting from the speakers.

Though there was plenty of anti-Obama sentiment in the crowd, speakers took aim at both parties.

Liberty Council co-founder Mike Wilson asked everyone to punch the numbers of U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and George V. Voinovich into their cell phones.

“If they have voice-mail, I suggest you blow them up today.”…

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Brian and the Judge: Major Garrett: Obama Snub of FNC Was Payback…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It was a very important question Major wanted to ask, unlike the NYT ‘Enchanted’ whiff. Detainees released form GITMO to US will need assistance, will you pay them public assistance. Also some group or other said GITMO detainees need reparations, will he pay them? I wish we had gotten to hear those questions…..

Also Major discusses the Chrysler Bankruptcy and TOTUS reaction to the bondholders yesterday, very informative…

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“Major Garrett says he wasn’t called on because Fox broadcast didn’t carry the press conference. He reveals the question he would’ve asked, and talks about developments regarding the banks and auto companies”

more about “Major Garrett: Obama Snub of FNC Was …“, posted with vodpod

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