Update: Supreme Court Justice David Souter to Retire…


Update: Ace has coverage of likely replacements, I havent seen anyone mention Cass Sunstein TOTUS’ BFF who is also married to TOTUS adviser and galpal Samantha Power…..

To go look at ruling and other fun SCOTUS stuff check out OYEZ.org. I spent a lot of time on that site when I took Constitutional Law….you can sort by Souter…Souter is a G H W Bush appointee who went ‘rogue’ on them and voted as a ‘liberal’ appointee might.Born in 1939, sworn in 1980…

Souter Bio from OYEZ:


A man of unusual and peculiar sensibilities, David H. Souter came to the Supreme Court as a complete enigma. Souter, who received his nomination to the Court from President George Bush only months after his promotion to a federal appeals court, lacked a public reputation. As a result, the press labeled him the “stealth justice,” an unknown judge with uncertain values. Conservatives praised Souter as a restrained jurist and predicted that he would bolster the right-wing bloc of Antonin Scalia and William H. Rehnquist. The Bush White House assured the Republican far right that Souter would be a “home run.” Liberals, on the other hand, hoped secretly that the Bush nominee would fail in expectations and emerge as a surprise to his sponsors. To this day, Souter has avoided validating either camp. The Free Congress Foundation, an organization dedicated to coordinating support for conservative nominees, has called their optimistic predictions “miserably inaccurate.” The Women’s Legal Defense Fund, a liberal group for the advancement of women’s rights, staged protests at various times against Souter and has expressed dismay at his votes. The unhappiness of both political extremes speaks volumes of the quirky justice. To this day, Souter has demonstrated a moderate jurisprudence though he has not appeared afraid to wander deep into either camp along the political spectrum. Court watchers continue to be amused by Souter’s eccentric habits and behaviors.


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