Smallville 9 – ComicCon: Kelly Souders, Erica Durance, Justin Hartley and Brian Peterson…

Executive Producer Brian Peterson gives us some really good teasers for season 9 of Smallville.

Kelly Souders talks about Jimmy’s death, Sam Witwer possibly coming back, new DC characters and more.

Courtesy of TheCWSource

Erica Durance tells us what happened to Lois Lane on the season finale of Smallville. She also teases what will happen between Lois and Clark this season

What’s happening to Oliver Queen – Green Arrow on season 9 of Smallville? Would Justin like Oliver to hook up with Chloe?

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Update 2: Season 9 trailer full screen version…Panel added..SDCC ’09: Smallville Season 9 Trailer…

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Kneel Before ZOD Baby!!

The rest of the panel after the break:


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