Dragon*Con 2009: BSGcast: Matt talks with Lt. Dualla (Kandyse McClure)

Courtesy of the ever-awesome YourGeekNews/BSGcast:

First in our DragonCon interviews, Matt chatted with the beautiful and talented Kandyse McClure who played Anastasia Dualla for almost the entire run of the series… almost. So consider this your spoiler warning! From her thoughts on the growth of her character, to what she’s up to now, Kandyse gives us a great peek into what makes her, and Dee, tick!

~Matt + Nat

DONT WATCH THE ENDING KANDYSE!! It was awful after the first half!!! IMO, I mean Starbuck was an angel? What about the ship?? What a massive cop-out! They could’ve had another Cylon hub of some sort with resurrection tech on the planet Starbuck’s DNA drifted down to or something and her half Cylon DNA could have activated the Centurions who brought her back..and the Baltar followers suddenly willingly give up their guns and tech to go live off the land? Mmm nah. They could’ve done a great tie in with tech the Egyptians had or heck the Atlanteans had, and BSG explaining why…give me something to work with RD Moore!

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