Legend of the Seeker: Season Finale spoilers…


Spoiler alert! Older interview here with tidbits about the Season Finale…

From multipleverses.com courtesy of SciFi Tracker:

…(Speaking of time travel…….there’s no Tardis in Legend’s season one finale, but there will be a rather flexible treatment of the time-space continuum. “Which is so exciting – it’s such a good script!” reveals Regan. “We start [filming] next week. And everybody on set – literally all the makeup girls and the crew, everyone was reading the script and flying through the pages and every once in a while someone will look up and go, “Oh my GOD!” and everyone is like, “I know!” So much crazy stuff goes down in the finale. I get to age many, many years in the finale.”)…

…Also Michael Hurst is directing the final episode of the first season of American tv series Legend of the Seeker. He has previously directed episodes 1.08, “Denna” and 1.10, “Sacrifice,” and played the evil wizard Amfortas in 1.12, “Revenant”. These episodes are now available for viewing online at legendoftheseeker.com (US only)….

On the series and how it has diverged from the Sword of Truth novels, insight into how this is episodic stand alone TV not a sweeping arc a la some BSG and all of TSCC:

…Kenneth Biller, one of Legend’s executive producers, has maintained that the show’s creators are in pursuit of the holy grail of television – creating quick-hit, stand-alone episodes that anyone can just tune into without missing a beat, while also maintaining a sweeping mythology – in this case, as presented by author Terry Goodkind’s books….


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