CBC and ACORN decry human rights violations in AZ but see nothing wrong in Cuba….

So the CBC sees nothing wrong with CUBA’s human rights violations but they are launching a national movement against our Sheriff here in Maricopa County, AZ?

Gee HYPOCRITICAL MUCH? Go away Rev Al go far far away..

We have lost more jobs in AZ since the recession began than any state except Michigan. This will blow up in a bad way. Go help the Cubans Rev Al. To be perfectly clear, this is an attempt to suppress our local law enforcement and then come in with Census..yep.


…Did they by chance ask whether the Castros offer that kind of hospitality and friendship to people who just want to vote freely in open elections?  Or do they get thrown into prisons and accused of treason for their desire to have a representative democracy run Cuba instead of a military junta serving the dictators who suckered them into the meeting? Apparently not.  Supposedly, Democrats stand for human rights, but these Democrats went to a nation with one of the world’s worst records on human rights — and talked about Barack Obama….

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