WH ‘Jobs Forum’ to feature ‘Green’ jobs sector leaders and labor, shockah!

Oh good gawd. Just CUT PAYROLL TAXES!! Just STOP THE HEALTH CARE BILL and Green regulations and taxing like crazy and small business will hire!

What will they do now, force Disney to paint their roofs white? Notice labor and green jobs are the focus here. And like 3 small business owners for good optics. Plus a bunch of academics, all of whom loved Obama in our primaries, like Stiglitz. Lord Help Us.


WHITE HOUSE ANNOUNCES JOBS FORUM HEADLINERS — An aide says Thursday’s forum “will have approximately 130 attendees for the jobs forum including small business owners, experts from green jobs sector, business leaders, academics, mayors and representatives from nonprofits.”

CONFIRMED ATTENDEES INCLUDE: Eric Schmidt, Google (MiM here-GOOG-the company has a 30% profit margin and uses more carbon than anyone else on the list but he is Obama’s buddy so there ya go); Randall Stevenson, AT&T; Surya Mohapatra, Qwest ; Frederick Smith, Fed Ex; Brian Roberts, Comcast; Bob Iger, Disney; James McNerney, Boeing; Andrew Livens, Dow; Peter Solmssen, Siemens; Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning;

Phaedra Ellis Lamkins, Green for All; Reed Hundt, Coalition for the Green Bank; Larry Mishel, EPI; Alan Blinder, Princeton; Paul Krugman, Princeton; Joe Stiglitz, Columbia; Bob Greenstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; and Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia.

PLUS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, including David Ickert, Air Tractor; Woody Hall, Diversapack; and Rose Wang, Binary Group.

AND Anna Burger, Change to Win; Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers; Joe Hansen, United Food and Commercial Workers; Randi Weingarten, AFT; Mayor Frank Cownie, Des Moines; Mayor Julian Castro, San Antonio; and Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown, Pa.

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POLITICO: Congress bails out UPS, changes law to hurt FedEx..


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Circa 2003 Tanker Contract War Back On: Boeing, Northrup Grumman and EADS

Video courtesy of MobilityAirman


The third time is the charm, the saying goes, and the Pentagon is desperate for it to be so. This summer, the Defense Department will make its third attempt to award a $35 billion contract to buy aerial refueling tankers. Air Force leaders promise the process will be “fair and open.”

If it is, that will be a first.The aerial tanker bid has been bedeviled by investigations, protests and charges of bias and rule-breaking…

Everybody wants some…..*

…”No matter which way we go, it’s the No. 1 acquisition priority in the department,” said Paul Meyer, who manages Northrop Grumman’s tanker program. He added that the contest will be even more politicized than in the past. “It’s one of the last big ones coming, and it has an international component.”

Jobs, jobs, jobs, American jobs? Protectionism? Trade Wars? All part of the package as this tanker contract is open for bidding for the Third Time….

…With the economy still staggering, Boeing is emphasizing the potential job creation of the bid, particularly in states such as Kansas and Washington, where the firm has a major presence. In the last round of the tanker competition, Boeing hammered the Northrop and EADS plane for being French and not American. The recent spike in protectionism prompted by the economic meltdown is now being stoked to drum up even more opposition to Northrop-EADS partnership.Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), a defense appropriator who’s aiming for a Senate seat, is convinced that EADS gains an unfair advantage in the U.S. marketplace because it receives subsidies through socialized medical care available in Europe and was launched with government subsidies….

VH video footage courtesy of 5150EVH5150

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Tax Tribbles: Secretary of Labor nominee Hilda Solis’ husband pays 16 y/o tax lien YESTERDAY….


Oh boy via MM:

USA Today reports that the Obama White House sheepishly disclosed today that Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis’s hubby has just paid up 16-year-old tax liens…yesterday. The disclosure comes just hours before the nomination vote.

“The husband of President Obama’s Labor secretary nominee paid about $6,400 Wednesday to settle tax liens that had been outstanding for as long as 16 years against his business, the Obama administration told USA TODAY this afternoon.

The disclosure came shortly before a 2 p.m. meeting of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which is scheduled to vote on Rep. Hilda Solis’ nomination as labor secretary.”

None of these people KNOW they have a LIEN with the IRS? How is that possible? What about wage garnishments? Little people get garnished…

This is just ridiculous. I say she steps aside, b/w this and her failing to report she was managing the money of an EFCA lobbying group while governing, it is too much,

I say Linda Sanchez would be fabulous at the job :0)

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Update 2: Acting Secretary of Labor Appointed as Solis Nomination In Limbo…EFCA Rally at the Capitol

Update 2: 7:09pm EST: An interim Secretary has been appointed. That can’t be good news for Solis.

The WH made a statement in support of Solis today indicating her failure to notify the House as required of her lobbying role, was an oversight and not an ethical violation..good luck with that one as we head into the Battle Over EFCA/Card Check…

Ambinder has it:

Amid threats of a Republican hold on Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis, President Obama has asked a top department official to serve as Acting Labor Secretary until she’s confirmed. Edward Hugler, currently the deputy assistant secretary for administration, has spent more than 30 years in a variety of functions in the department.

Solis’s fate is unclear. Her status as treasurer of the pro-EFCA American Rights at Work (ARW) is what’s causing concern…


Rep. George Miller (D- CA),  is speaking at a rally supporting Card Check in the Capitol as we type….no word yet on a confirmation vote for Solis….


From the AFL-CIO:


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