Update: Josh Friedman Interview….Message to FOX from TSCC Fans….

UPDATE: i09 has just put up a great Interview with Josh Friedman, go read the whole thing

A lot of sites have praised last Friday’s episode as the best of the series, and proof that T:SCC is up there with the best genre TV shows. How much does that kind of critical buzz count with the network?

Obviously the critical praise doesn’t hurt in our fight to get renewed – I do think there’s a pride of ownership for networks as there would be for anyone – but ultimately it’s almost always a numbers game. How those numbers are calculated these days is anyone’s guess. When you’re on the bubble (if I can be optimistic enough to say that) any little bit helps. The writers room voted “Adam Raised a Cain” as their second favorite episode of the year (the finale was voted #1 but that could have a lot to do with the fact that their boss had written it)….

Don’t cancel TSCC!!!!

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What does it mean to be a Connor? Your life dedicated to survival from machines before they’re even created. One word really: tragedy.

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