Les Paul passes away…

God Bless. He rocked the world. The inventor of multitrack recording also…

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94 years rockin

….Paul influenced scores of musicians in the worlds of rock and jazz. One of them was Steve Miller. Back in 1948, Miller’s father struck up a friendship with Paul when the guitarist was visiting Milwaukee for a date at a local club.

“Les and Mary showed me my first chords,” Miller told the Journal Sentinel. “He’s such a great player, everytime I go to New York I go to the club and jam with Les. There’s just this vibe around him. It’s always a jam session and all the cats are always there.”

Aside from making rock-and-roll possible with his creation of the electric guitar, Paul also contributed immensely to the advance of studio recording over the years with inventions like multitrack recording, reverb, and more than a dozen others.

Paul McCartney once said this of Paul: “Les was one of the greatest innovators in recording techniques,” McCartney said in a statement. “The work he put into developing the guitar that was named after him made the instrument an all-time classic, and his incredible playing skills make him one of the masters of the instrument.”

In 1990 Capitol honored him with a boxed set “Les Paul the Legend and the Legacy.” The 4 CD box contained liner notes by Paul himself and 34 never before released tracks….

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