Video Update: Marvel Comics gets its couture on for Fashion Week: Iron Man teams up with Tim Gunn…

Marvel: "Models, Inc."

Marvel: "Models, Inc. - Loaded Gunn"

Fun stuff, Tim looks fab in graphic art form

NYDailyNews – Gatecrasher:

Tim Gunn knows how to “make it work,” even when he’s a cartoon character.

The “Project Runway” judge is the subject of a brand-new Marvel comic book called the “Loaded Gunn” – out on Sept. 10 – in which he has to stop a villain from crashing an elite event at the New York Museum of Fashion. He’ll team up with fellow superhero Iron Man to protect the world of couture, fighting one bad guy at a time.

The comic book, which is included in a series called “Models, Inc.,” is one of four issues that will make its debut specially for Fall 2009 Fashion Week….

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