Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) for Commerce Secretary?

Well since it was Judd Gregg who personally twisted GOP arms to get the travesty that was TARP One through, I am not surprised they are looking to him…..slick move by Team Obama, it would take away one of the 58/59 GOP votes…that would end any hope of a filibuster for the GOP…the  NH Governor is a Dem, oh noes not ANOTHER Senatorial appointment saga!!!

Here is Judd Gregg supporting H1B Visas to replace American workers (disclaimer-like we at MiM in software engineering)…how does this fit into the American Middle Class Task Force I wonder, I will post a comment for Joe Biden on his newest website, lol…

This would certainly be a fit with the open immigration approach…these are HIGHLY SKILLED ADVANCE DEGREE jobs these H1B visa workers take. Jobs that Americans worked hard to pay for school to obtain..and frankly the workers come in and work for less than HALF of what Americans earn..and see our post on Satyam Computers of India who forged all their earnings for how well that goes for American business..yeah I am totally biased on this issue…

I was hoping one of the Sanchez sisters would get it….




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