Bill Gates has Lost his Mind….releases mosquitos at tech conference:”no reason only the poor should get malaria..”

Bill Gates opens a jar of mosquitoes at TED2009.

(TED / James Duncan Davidson) Feb. 4: Bill Gates opens a jar of mosquitoes at TED2009.

Yeah this whole Hope TM Change TM is going realllly well:

Microsoft founder turned philanthropist Bill Gates released a glass full of mosquitoes at an elite technology conference to make a point about the deadly disease malaria.

“Malaria is spread by mosquitoes,” Gates said while opening a jar onstage at the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference — a gathering known to attract technology kings, politicians, and Hollywood stars.

“I brought some. Here I’ll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected.”

Remind me not to invite Bill and Melinda to my next Superbowl party…brings new meaning to class warfare eh? Bill must think bringing over everyone from India one H1B Visa at a time to replace American software engineers is the way to reduce malaria abroad….

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