March Jobless Claims Released…

UPDATE: 8:30 am EST: The numbers are coming in now..

Hampton Pearson reports…

March-  minus 663,000 jobs, in line with consensus

unemployment rate 8.5%, also in line with consensus, worst number in 26 years

revision downward for January from an initial report of down 655,000 to down 741,000 (an additional 86,000)

No revisions for February (yet, check next month)

Only job gains education and health services (not even govt gained)up 8,000

since Dec 07 (when NABE says recession began) 5.1 million jobs lost, 3.3 million in last 5 months

overall 13.2 million unemployed record since keeping tally began in 1940


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Market Mover Friday: March Jobs Report…

Should be a doozy..will be released at 8:30 am EST…

God Bless America, try to attend a Tax Day Tea Party(now with online RSVP) to get the STOP SPENDING message to the Congress Critters so we can have JOB GROWTH…

Here is a blessing/wish for all of us, may we all have jobs, cause aint nothin goin on but the rent as Gwen Guthrie said….

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