Scott Brown supporters March to Worcester

Sheer awesomeness continues, the lamestream media is afraid to mock them right before an election…..yep, the people speak LOUDLY at the ballot box! Booyah!!

An overflow crowd marched from Mechanics Hall in Worcester, at a People’s Rally for Scott Brown, to Crown Plaza.

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Brazilian immigrant, new American citizen and Brown supporter discusses why she is excited to vote for Scott Brown on January 19, 2010.

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Scott Brown – Quincy, MA rally 1/16

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Crowd all fired up waiting for Scott to arrive:

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Update: Scott Brown: People on the Street

Update: from the TeaPartyPatriots:

Here are a number of ways you can help Scott Brown win:

If you have friends in Massachusetts, tell them how important this election is and ask them to get out to vote for Scott Brown on January 19th.

If you can afford a small donation, make one. If you can afford a larger donation, consider that. You can donate at the campaign website at .

If you can volunteer there are a number of options:

For most Rhode Islanders, the Scott Brown campaign office in Wrentham is closest. Please contact Jeff Trainor (202 680 8945 ) to sign up for phone banking, door-to-door work and other tasks at their headquarters at 29 Franklin St., Wrentham, MA.

Rhode Islanders who live in its southeastern areas- particularly near route 24- may find the Scott Brown office in Middleborough closer. Please contact  Josh Daniels
(301 996 1534 ) to sign up for phone banking, door-to-door work and other tasks at their headquarters at 9 Clayton Road, Middleborough, MA. The need for volunteers is greater at the Middleborough office than the Wrentham location given that the former is just now being put into operation.

If you would like to help with the phone bank work but would rather work from home, you can access the phone banking “engine” from the Scott Brown website as follows: Go to ; and from there, there is a rectangular “sign” in the bottom right part of the screen that cycles through three options.  One of them is “Call From Home” that gives you the link to sign up.  Once your information is accepted by the system, instructions for doing the calling from home will be emailed to you.

David Anderson (401 793 0421 ) is the contact person for Rhode Islanders seeking additional information about how to help. If you need a ride to a Scott Brown campaign office, he may be able to arrange a car pool.

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kewlin’. These are the people in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood…

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Scott Brown Boston Globe Op-Ed: Taking on the one party rule and Beacon Hill bosses…

Great Op-Ed by Scott in the Globe:

I didn’t grow up with all the advantages in life. My mom was on welfare for a time, but I had the support of a loving family and good friends and neighbors. I don’t have all the advantages in this race either, and that’s fine by me. Being the underdog has taught me to work harder, and to appreciate the opportunities of our state and our country.

I’m running because more of our people are unemployed today than ever before. Public debt has reached $12 trillion and counting, and Washington politicians want to borrow trillions more. Terrorists want to strike our country again, and they will do so if we let down our guard. We have fighting forces in two theaters of war, and those men and women need our support.

… As this special election draws to a close, the enthusiasm from everyday citizens has been remarkable. To those who have lost faith in their elected leaders, I say: Don’t lose heart. One-party dominance in our state has led to bad decisions and a culture of corruption, but we can restore people’s faith by restoring balance to our political system.

They call me a long shot. But I’m betting that a new day is coming in Massachusetts. I am running in the name of all independent-thinking citizens, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or unenrolled, to take on one-party rule, and the Beacon Hill bosses, and their machine, and their candidate. With your help, I intend to win.

Scott Brown is a Republican state senator from Wrentham.

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Scott Brown picks up another newspaper endorsement and airs new ad…

From the Lowell Sun endorsement:

(…) As a U.S. senator, Brown would strive to make the vital interest of Massachusetts his top priority. He won’t chase political ambitions, a seat at international global warming conferences, a date with an Iranian leader, or contributions from lobbyists currying favor. Instead, he’ll chase what matters to fulfill the American dream, fight for it, and bring it on home to Massachusetts where residents can once again prosper with pride.

A vote for Brown is a vote to return to common-sense leadership, financial stability and traditional American values.

The Sun endorses Scott Brown for U.S. Senate in the Jan. 19 special election.

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Update 4: “It’s the PEOPLE’S Seat” ***$1,012.059.94*** Final Debate Livestream 7:00pm EST; MASS Senate: Moneybomb for Scott Brown today!!!


Courtesy of AmericanGlob:

Scott Brown at the Massachusetts Senate debate. “With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

Update 3: 10:@2EST: Alllllright!!!!!!! ***$1,012.059.94***


Click on the Listen live link on the top of the WBZ page

Update 2: LIVESTREAM of the Final Debate available at 7:00pm EST on WBZ Newsradio here. h/t Robert Costa

6:00pm EST: We did it!! Booyah! Woot! $700,000 and counting@! Let’s blow the doors off this race! Oorah!

Please sign up to make calls for Scott from home if you can,

we need to Get Out the Vote!


…Sometimes one vote can make a difference – especially if it’s one vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

If you love what’s going on in Washington, well, then by all means vote for Martha Coakley. She’s a perfectly nice person, and she won’t make a dime’s worth of difference in the balance of power in Washington.

But if you’re not happy with the status quo, if you think the way business is being conducted on Capitol Hill today is a disgrace and an affront to taxpayers, then you probably agree it’s time for a change.

Scott Brown can single-handedly deliver on that kind of change and the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy in the race for U.S. Senate….


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MASS Senate Race: Scott Brown GOP candidate

Martha is not giving interviews or debating….we will post the CT Senate candidates interviews that Kudlow did this week on Saturday…

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Courtesy of mghoft:

Republican Scott Brown was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss the Massachusetts Senate Race on January 19th. Brown said he would be the 41st vote against Obamacare. He says he would stop it.

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