Bumped: Health Care Update: Plurality now oppose 49-46%….

Steven Crowder goes to Canada to see once and for all how the system is working compared to ours here in America:

Update: The House releases their version of the health care reform bill tomorrow (Tuesday). Team TOTUS is pushing HARD on Baucus and Rangel to move move move the ball. Nancy is complying on her end. CALL YOUR CRITTERS. CALL YOUR RELATIVES AND TELL THEM TO CALL THEIR CRITTERS..CALLING ALL BABYBOOMERS…

*10/10 cardiologists agree Medicare Specialist Payments should not be reduced….(I actually have no idea, but I am confident actual cardiologists who treat actual patients, not like E Emanuel who is an MD that writes about Euthanasia, believe we should not reduce cardiac cath and EKG payments which is part of what Team TOTUS has proposed in their ginormous 600b in Medicare cuts…)

What would be loverly would be the MiM plan:  allow interstate purchase of insurance products by consumers (repeal of McCarren Ferguson Act which prevents that right now),

small businesses: similar allowance of interstate multiple employer trust groups which can bargain collectively (c’mon there is a collective bargaining in there, here kitty kitty) to buy lower group rates for their small businesses…

a universal mandate which would allow insurers to expand their risk pools and thereby eliminate the need for pre ex limitations, (tie the universal mandate to the IRS enforcement of the healthcare/dependent care deductions or something similar so it is not a wage garnishment if you fail to get coverage..)

and Medicaid strictly enforced by income guidelines no higher than 125% of poverty lines, with a REQUIREMENT that welfare and food stamp recipients be enrolled in Medicaid, SCHIP at the time they get their other benefits, and one biannual eligibility check for ALL 3 PROGRAMS…

to incentivize more primary care physicians who make less money than specialists, but have less education, give them grants to go to Medical School and serve in public health under Medicare or Medicaid or VA service for 10 years. Like Joel in Northern Exposure. DO NOT PUNISH SPECIALISTS AND DRAG THEIR PAY DOWN TO MAKE GPs FEEL BETTER..

Cut the waste out and help the people who need it. Increase competition and break up state monopolies, like BC/BS in many states. Cut the damned red tape, but DONT GUT MEDICARE AND OUR INCREDIBLE INNOVATION IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY SIMPLY TO GIVE AWAY BENEFITS MOST PEOPLE ARE ALREADY ELIGIBLE FOR AND DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AND BRING DOWN THE LEVEL OF CARE FOR EVERYONE ELSE…/rant off. Eliza Doolittle courtesy of Lerner and Loewe and funnyface57

Patriots from the Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Active and the 912 Group rallied in front of the offices of Senator Charles Schumer to counter the staged pro-nationalized healthcare rally planned by MoveOn and ACORN...

Patriots from the Conservative Society for Action, Gathering of Eagles, Active and the 912 Group rallied in front of the offices of Senator Charles Schumer to counter the staged pro-nationalized healthcare rally planned by MoveOn and ACORN...


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Health Care: TOTUS proposes MORE cuts to Medicare: Specialists reimbursement now on the chopping block: Cardiologists’ payments gutted….

Please Seniors and those who love them, CALL YOUR CONGRESS CRITTERS. These Medicare cuts are appalling!! If this were a Republican POTUS the Congress would be UP IN ARMS over these proposed cuts…


…The Obama administration said Wednesday that it plans to cut Medicare payments for imaging services and specialists, and will use the savings to increase payments to physicians providing primary care.

Under the proposal, Medicare would put specialists’ payments for evaluating and managing illnesses on par with those of primary-care physicians starting in January…

…Payments to cardiologists would be trimmed by 11% overall, but certain procedures they perform would see steeper reductions. Alfred Bove, president of the American College of Cardiology, figured that cardiologists would receive 42% less for an echocardiogram and 24% less for a cardiac catheterization.

Radiologists would see an estimated cut of 20% for imaging services using expensive equipment such as MRI and CT scans, said Bibb Allen, chairman of the commission on economics at the American College of Radiology. That would be in addition to the cuts imposed on radiologists under a 2005 law, he said.

AGAIN he goes after the radiologists! What is with him and the MRIs??!!

The proposal (is) open for public comment until Aug. 31 and expected to be completed by Nov. 1…

…Groups representing cardiologists, radiologists and other specialists said they will lobby lawmakers to stop the cuts. Dr. Bove warned that “cutting back like this certainly threatens the successes we have had over the years with reducing heart disease.”…

Isn’t heart disease the number one killer of Americans? Why would you reduce payments on heart caths and EKGs??? SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! IS THIS THE FRAKKIN PLAN TO CUT COSTS?? CBO just came out and said the increased inflation in costs on healthcare is AGING POPULATION…uh oh…

OH NOES!!! TO SERVE MAN!! *(condensed clip courtesy of nterpri)

They claim the idea is to bring specialists compensation in line with GPs and thereby increase GPs. SAME ASS BACKWARDS PLAN THEY HAVE FOR THE ECONOMY.




I hope to have some kick ass cardiologists out there when I get older, please folks, call Congress, tell them NO CUTS TO SPECIALISTS NO GUTTING MEDICARE TO GIVE TO THE UNINSURED. THIS IS NOT HOW WE DO IT IN AMERICA!!!!

And we haven’t even gotten into the fact that education and HEALTHCARE are the ONLY jobs sectors still growing. leave them aloooooone!! /rant off

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