Tea Party Patriot Action Alert – please call these Critters if you live in their district..

Tea Party Patriots has a focused call list. Please call these Critters if you live in their district. Get their numbers here, or scroll down MiM’s home page for a list:

House Members by State

Competitive race?

Brian Baird

He’s retiring, making him immune to GOP pressure. He recently said he was totally “undecided.”

John Boccieri

Boccieri has turned out to be a lesser priority for the NRCC than fellow Ohio freshmen Kilroy and Driehaus. He has recently sounded open to supporting the bill.

Bart Gordon

He’s retiring, which puts him right at the top of the Democrats’ priority list since the GOP can’t pressure him with electoral reasons. He is a Blue Dog. A very important detail: He voted for the bill in the Energy & Commerce Committee before opposing it on the floor, which certainly suggests he’d be open to voting for it now.

Larry Kissell

Faces a competitive race, though he represents one of the bluest districts among the 39 who voted ‘no’ in the fall.

Scott Murphy

Not for now
Murphy looks safer than he did this fall

That leaves us with 18 Democrats whose support for a final bill is plausible, albeit still tough to envision. It will at the least require some very heavy pushing for Pelosi to convince any of these:

Jason Altmire

Despite a few hints of openness to supporting a bill, he has sounded very hostile to health-care reform and the abortion issue should seal his “no.” He’s a Blue Dog.

John Adler

Adler has done his best to position himself as a centrist over the past few months and he is facing a tricky race. Yet, he is less vulnerable than many others on this list and he represents a district that clearly voted for Obama. He should be right at the top of Pelosi’s target list.

John Barrow


Allen Boyd

In primary
At this point, this Blue Dog has more to worry about in the Dem primary than in the general election. He’s a Blue Dog.

Rick Boucher

Boucher looks far more vulnerable now than he did in the fall, which will complicate Pelosi’s outreach.

Ben Chandler

Probably not

The filing deadline has passed in Kentucky, and while the race could heat up Chandler doesn’t have to worry about facing a top-tier Republican. Will this encourage him to vote “yes”? He did support cap-and-trade. He’s a Blue Dog.

Tim Holden

He’s a Blue Dog, and he is facing his first tough re-election race in some time.

Suzanne Kosmas

She has emerged as a fairly centrist Democrat, so I’d be somewhat surprised if she switches; but her district is not as red as others on this list.

Frank Kratovil

If Pelosi convinces him that he will lose anyway, perhaps?

Betsy Markey

She’s a Blue Dog. The Democratic leadership let her be the main sponsor of the bill repealing the anti-trust exemption; might she repay them by voting “yes”?

Eric Massa

He is fundraising off his initial vote for health-care, but he is one of the most obvious votes for the leadership to target.

Jim Matheson

Probably not

Would be surprised if he votes “yes,” but in recent comments he was less hostile than other Blue Dogs. He’s a Blue Dog.

Michael McMahon


Mike McIntyre

The filing deadline passed in North Carolina, and the GOP failed to recruit a credible challenger despite the district’s red lean. Despite McIntyre’s conservatism, that alone makes him a target to leadership pressure. He’s a Blue Dog.

Glenn Nye

He’s a Blue Dog, a freshman and he faces a tough race in November – a tough combination for Pelosi. But he also represents one of the few Obama districts on this list, so he is sure to face more pressure than others.

Colin Peterson

Probably not

Committee chairman. He’s a Blue Dog.

Ike Skelton

He’s a Blue Dog. The abortion issue could prevent Pelosi from convincing him.

John Tanner

His retirement is prompting talk he might be more wiling to help his party, though he looks likely to do so than Baird and Gordon. He’s a Blue Dog.

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Update: Senate passes Insurance Profit Protection Act 60-39….

Update: The bribe fest is over, for now. The worst of all worlds is in this bill. HotAir has it. Per Politico we will all know wait until February for further action on this, or that could be a leak, Who the heck knows with these folks anymore? What I do know is there will be backlash and it will swell to the 10 midterm elections. Reap the whirlwind.

Democratic Senators are mugging for the camera congratulating themselves and talking about how terribly, terribly hard this was for them to accomplish.

In the immortal words of Eliza Doolittle, ‘just you wait ‘enry ‘iggins!’ Voters never forget. Especially not we bitter, clingy types.

(ps Obama just told NPR he thinks the tax on ‘Cadillac’ plans is  ‘a good idea’. Funny, he excoriated MAC for that proposal during the campaign. JUST WORDS.)

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Tuesday Roundup: Final revision to 3Q GDP in: 2.2%, Lobbyists have record year, and Reid slips supermajority requirement into Medicare cost cutting panel…

Update: Darth Vadar just rang the opening bell, I kid you not. LucasFilm is there, I see Bobba Fett!

We started at 3.5%, and now at third and final revision we are down to 2.2% on 3Q GDP. I am still calling for a double dip, because yes the Obamanomic policies ARE that bad.

In other news as MiM has predicted lo these many months, the Reid Amendment has put a supermajority requirement on overriding the iMAB panel decisions. Harry actually asked ‘cant we all get along after this’ on the floor this morning after they passed round 2 of their partisan vote to GUT MEDICARE. ugh what a tool. He is feathering his next for his LOBBYING job post election defeat.

LOBBYISTS had their BEST YEAR EVAH under Obama’s HOPEY CHANGEY NEW politics, HA!

Some folks still think the Medicare cuts will not happen, THEY WILL. This Supermajority rule is how it will be accomplished. No calls to Congress will make an impact when a Supermajority is required to overturn iMAB rulings. Like an HMO with no right of appeal, that is what they are giving our Seniors (and by extension through the exchanges which will follow these roolz, we are ALL getting this shaft)

This is the Orszagist dream panel where non practicing physicians like the loons who just announced the mammogram revisions will GUT MEDICARE. IT WILL HAPPEN. TELL EVERY SENIOR YOU KNOW.

SS is next. Gird your savings GEN X, they are coming for us.

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In the Still of the Night: Dems pass through first HCR vote at 1:00am….

Happy Solstice, Congress has a little gift for us, excise taxes, fines, penalties and Medicare cuts! This Dem majority are like thieves in the night; 1:15 am they cast this vote. Maybe the big O borrowed China’s weather machine to have a blizzard and trap these fools to get their votes ….they all go on the Naughty List.  Byrd should be familiar with COAL, despite his recent bashing of his state W VA….

And MAC agrees Hillary was more bipartisan in her approach to HCR in 93, he notes they tried to negotiate openly with the GOP on that bill. Unlike Mr Post Partisan Unity Schtick….

PS Now that Obama KILLED Pharma reimportation, he has Axelrasputin go out and claim they will work on it later, AS IF!! HA!!!! The safety issues were all addressed and paid for in Dorgans bill already. What utter liars, and what contmpt they have for the American people.

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Shoutout to Congress: Fool on the Hill

Update: Ezra Klein looks at the same CBO report on a proposed Medicare expansion last year and sees a much different outlook.Will the real CBO impact analysis of the proposed expansion of Medicare (in combination with the proposed cuts to Medicare) please stand up?

We need a clear CBO reading on the breakthrough, will it help or hurt Medicare and how limited are the eligibility requirements for enrollment?

..The Congressional Budget Office has scored Medicare buy-in before — and they found it brightens the program’s financial prospects by bringing healthier people into the pool and reducing expected spending for these people when they turn 65….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I dunno what they are doing anymore!

They are proposing a Medicare expansion to those 55 and up, which would be great… except Medicare is going bankrupt, CBO has been saying we cannot afford to expand it time immemorial(as recently as LAST YEAR!) AND this bill calls for at LEAST 500 billion or so in Medicare cuts over the next few years.

How can we ADD people to that, cut money and keep good care? Same old same old with this entire argument. It does not make sense on its face. My big fear is they will somehow add MEANS TESTING to Medicare via this plan thus setting up the CUTS ahead.

Wait til they get to the deficit reduction via Social Security ‘reform’ aka Gen X getting frakked.

Let’s all sing with the Beatles now. Maybe if WE were all lighthearted like the Fool on the Hill we wouldn’t sweat this stuff so much?

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Reality Bites: Here come the Social Security payroll tax hikes and benefit cuts- gird yourself Gen X

As usual, Gen X is about to get royally screwed. We are the tiniest generation so the pols feel free to frak us over at any given opportunity.The Boomers suck up all the benefits and live high on the economic hog (sorry guys but it’s true) and drive up the debt and Gen Y, (the spoiled ones that Obama considers his ‘base’, you know the ones WE have to carry on our insurance until they are..27!!!) are going to cut our Medicare and Social Security and send us off on an ice floe….

Boomers– 1946-1964 (inclusive), 75.8 million

Generation X = 50 Million /ages 38 – 45

Generation Y = 78 Million /21 – 40

After spending trillions they are getting ready to talk tough on the deficit, HA! and WE the lucky lucky Gen X can expect to see higher payroll taxes, higher retirement age (neat trick since the healthcare plan wont give us a damn knee replacement to work these extra years after the cuts!) AND lower Social Security benefits. Right on schedule as predicted…


The White House is considering a bipartisan commission to tackle the nation’s swelling deficit, as it seeks to show resolve on a problem that threatens its broader agenda.Top White House officials, including budget director Peter Orszag, met Tuesday with Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Kent Conrad to discuss establishing such a commission, which has been pushed by Mr. Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat, and his Republican counterpart on the committee, Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire.

Senior congressional officials said the idea was gaining traction. Two officials said the White House was likely to make its own proposal for a panel, which could have less power than the proposed Conrad-Gregg commission. White House aides said no final decision had been made.

The idea is to bring Republicans and Democrats together to make tough decisions about how to cut costs or raise revenue in areas including Social Security, Medicare and taxes. For the White House, establishing a commission would show that the Obama administration is serious about tackling the deficit while postponing any real moves until after the 2010 elections….

* Reality Bites clip courtesy of carocia, soundtrack courtesy of juanperezextreme

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Sen Arlen Specter (blows with the wind-PA) admits the 500 billion in Medicare cuts WILL happen

Specter admits that the Medicare cuts are REAL. All the neoprogs have been saying the proposed 500 billion in Medicare cuts are simply on paper for CBO scoring purposes and that Democrats don’t cut Medicare. This, despite the iMAC panel written into the stimulus and the health care bills in House and Senate. The panel that cut mammogram guidelines is mentioned by name in that legislation. Comparative effectiveness=rationing, period. I have not spent 22 years as a Dem defending Medicare only to support the Democrats transfer of health services from the elderly to the uninsured and low income and that is exactly what these bills do. Maybe these political hacks can live with themselves after leaving our Greatest Generation twisting in the wind, but I can not.

Remember this?

Here is a blast from the very recent past: Democrats ranting and raving and railing against GWB proposed Medicare cost cuts. I have no idea how these people can look themselves in the mirror every day:


…The Obama administration said Wednesday that it plans to cut Medicare payments for imaging services and specialists, and will use the savings to increase payments to physicians providing primary care.

Under the proposal, Medicare would put specialists’ payments for evaluating and managing illnesses on par with those of primary-care physicians starting in January…

…Payments to cardiologists would be trimmed by 11% overall, but certain procedures they perform would see steeper reductions. Alfred Bove, president of the American College of Cardiology, figured that cardiologists would receive 42% less for an echocardiogram and 24% less for a cardiac catheterization.

Radiologists would see an estimated cut of 20% for imaging services using expensive equipment such as MRI and CT scans, said Bibb Allen, chairman of the commission on economics at the American College of Radiology. That would be in addition to the cuts imposed on radiologists under a 2005 law, he said.

Canada rations cataract surgery. Panels are already denying drug coated stents in Washington state which has a plan like that proposed by Congress. In Britain, not only is their incidence of death from breast cancer much higher, they refuse to give women Avastin. They value your life at $45000 a year, more than that and they will not pay.

Newsflash, my insurance company has a 1 million dollar lifetime benefit max on me. I feel much safer with them. If they deny me I have RIGHTS OF APPEAL, ultimately as high as DOL for ERISA plans and State Insurance Commissioners for other plans. When a government panel, completely outside of the control of Congress (IOW immune from the ‘pressure’ of we pee-ons begging them not to deny our treatment) , decides women do not need mammograms or pap smears (currently covered at 100% by my ‘Cadillac’ insurance plan with no copay, as it is in most states ALREADY, its is called well-woman exams) we will have NO ONE TO APPEAL TO.

The Democrats have betrayed their biggest most loyal constituency, the elderly. (they threw women, their second biggest constituency, under the bus so many times in the past 2 years I have lost count).  2010/12 elections cannot come soon enough.

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Boehner: Medicare Advantage *WILL* be cut, <200k *WILL* be taxed…

Courtesy of Rep. Boehner:

In an interview on Foxs Your World with Neil Cavuto, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) discussed the costly government takeover of the health care system that includes a litany of new tax increases, over $500 billion in cuts to Medicare for millions of seniors and the Obama Administrations recent gag order designed to keep seniors in the dark about the potential reductions in Medicare services. Leader Boehner once again called on the President and Democrats to scrap their costly proposal and work Republicans to create a bipartisan bill that improves the current system.

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