The Sword of Damocles Hangs Over Obama’s Head – Support Speaker Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Bill!

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Do I like it? No.

Do I want Cut Cap and Balance? Yes.

Will the Democratically Controlled Senate pass CCB? No, already voted it down.

Will Obama cowboy-up and do a deal for the good of the country like Big Dawg did? Uh, No.

Will the GOP be blamed for the fiasco that follows if we do NOT pass the Boehner bill? Why yes, yes it will.

Will the Reid modifications to the Boehner bill cut the cuts and pump the spending? Of course!

Do we get #BBA votes from the Boehner bill? Yes.

Will Senate Democrats PASS a BBA? Probably not.

Will it help DEFEAT said Senate Democrats up for re-elect in ’12 to force them to vote against a BBA? Hell yes. Every commercial should shout that McCaskill etc voted AGAINST a BALANCED BUDGET.

Are we in a position to make SERIOUS CUTS and/or SERIOUS REFORMS while Obama is POTUS? NO. We saw that in his pathetic response to the Ryan Plan.

Did Speaker Boehner try to do a ‘Grand Bargain’ with Obama? Unfortunately, yes he did. And hopefully he has now LEARNED HIS LESSON. You cannot ‘negotiate’ with the Tabula Rasa.

Does Speaker Boehner’s Plan leave room for another ‘Grand Bargain’ attempt? Yes it does. This is the only way to stave off the S&P, Moody’s downgrade.

(Yeah I know the ratings agencies are a joke, their idiotic Prime ratings on MBS junk loans got us into this mess but that is beside the point. They made it clear if there is a ‘commission’ meeting someplace they won’t downgrade the debt, even if said commission is just another exercise in futility.)

Was Obama ‘selected’  by TPTB TBTF to be the ‘Democratic’ POTUS to gut SS and Medicare? Why yes, that has always been my theory.

So why didn’t he do the ‘Grand Bargain’? Because he is an inexperienced naif who cannot even carry out a ‘signed, sealed, delivered’ bargain when he has the script.

He is Zelig- the chameleon man. He changes to reflect whomever he is with. One meeting with Pelosi and he rolled over on Entitlements without Tax Hikes despite having Geithner there to ‘handle’ him.

Will there be a Grand Bargain while Obama is POTUS? I hope to hell not. If the GOP gives it to him, he will run on it. He wants to be Reagan.

The guy is just what he appears to be: a narcisstic empty suit devoid of any principles. (Webster’s lends a hand-  A principle  is a general and fundamental truth that may be used in deciding conduct or choice)

With hard work and a little luck he will be the One-Termer the TBTF bought and nothing more.

So how ’bout we push past this latest Obama Leadership Failure, pass the Boehner bill and then work HARD to make SURE the GOP does NOT give Obama any ‘Grand Bargain’ to run on.

Anyone who thinks we are not gonna cut SS, Medicare is really self-deluded or naive at this point. I suggest liberals spend their time working on the House cuz we WILL be doing MAJOR ENTITLEMENT REFORM with the new GOP POTUS in ’13.

I am for the Ryan Plan. Gen X knew we were getting fragged, let’s just go into it eyes open and try to protect our parents and kids from the worst cuts and tax hikes.

Call Your Critters


The Sword of Damocles – Rocky Horror Picture Sh…, posted with vodpod

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Kudlow – clips from Boehner speech at Economic Club of NY on Debt Limit Increase


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Health Care Update: AARP tosses Seniors unda da bus, ignores 600b in proposed Medicare cuts to pat Team TOTUS on the back for RX deal…

Update:  About that NYT CBS poll….see Ace for the scoop:

…Things must be really looking bleak on the government take over front given the NY Times’ need to dive even further in the tank for Obama than previously thought possible.

Over the weekend they came out with a poll saying everyone!!!11!! (well, 78% of Americans) supports “substantial changes to the health care system and are strongly behind one of the most contentious proposals”

That assumes you define “Americans” as people who voted for Obama since the NY Times poll substantially oversampled self-identified Obama voters….

So in a shockah to no one, the American Pharma Lobby has agreed to cut 80b over a decade in RX costs to Seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D, as part of their, ‘please take my wallet and dont hurt me’ strategy for dealing with TOTUS health care plans…

AARP actually stood beside TOTUS and said they were proud to be there today at the announcement, disgraceful, This as TOTUS proposes 600 BILLION in cuts to Medicare and a cap for Medicare growth that was VETOED by Big Dawg last time it reared its ugly head. It is rationing, period.

CALL YOUR CRITTERS. At MiM we support the Wyden-Bennett plan which will give vouchers to the poor and get them OFF Medicaid. If you are watching state budget debates you already know the growth in Medicaid is what will break the bank.

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Health Care Update: MedPAC Expansion: Obama moves to control Medicare costs…and with it all private insurance benefits…

Are you ready Boomers? One year ago Hillary was pushed out of the race, now Obama has decided to do the universal mandate after all (his letter to Kennedy and Baucus makes it sound like it is HIS brilliant idea to exempt the poor with subsidies, Hillary had that in there already) AND he has accepted MAC’s plan to tax health care benefits (but no sign of the 5k tax credit Mac planned to give us)….

So Baby Boomers, many of you voted for Obama, here is his plan to control health care costs, as MiM predicted he is beginning with Medicare, you pesky expensive old people

No expensive cardiac stents and multiple admissions for YOU!

..these are called in laymens terms CUTS and DENIALS OF BENEFITS, when Megyn Kelly asked Arlen Specter about the language in the stimulus setting up a comparative effectiveness panel he swore up and down it would never ever impact Americans ability to make health care decisions with their Doctors…Specter wrong again, Obama is using existing Medicare panels to cut costs, as Ezra Klein points out below, private insurers use Medicare standards to set reimbursement rates and coverage policies so this impacts all of us, and it is behind the scenes..:

Ezra Klein:

Yesterday, at a meeting between Barack Obama and Senate Democrats from the Finance and HELP committees, that line grew up and graduated into something altogether sturdier: A policy. Senate sources confirm that the president argued in favor of a genuinely major Medicare reform — a reform that could make Medicare the nation’s most important laboratory for health care reforms.

…You probably haven’t heard of MedPAC. Most people haven’t. It stands for The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission and it’s an independent congressional agency formed in 1997 to advise the Congress on matters relating to Medicare. The commission is staffed by experts who are appointed for three-year terms, and its existence is due to a simple insight: Medicare payment policy is too technical for the Congress. There aren’t five senators with an informed opinion on the “equipment use standard” for imaging machines, much less 50, and much less 100.

But what if it didn’t? What if MedPAC had power?


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