Tea Party Patriots: United Health Group joins the protests as Dems open ‘harrassment audit’ on insurers…

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Finally. Sadly it took a direct threat from Waxman with his demands for proprietary information from the insurers to get many companies to realize their very existence is on the table now. AmericanPharma is deluded if they think they will be left alone and the deal they cut will be honored….

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Disclaimer I have United Health through a group employer plan and I love it and my mom has it on an individual plan and she loves it too.

Update:  Politico is pushing United to disclaim everything, it has put out a statement. Basically United is not telling employees to go to Tea Parties, it is however outlining their position in case some do attend:

The United Health Group, a major insurer seen as playing the politics of reform better than most, is denying a report that it directed its employees to attend tea parties opposing the Democratic plans.

The insurance giant, with about 75,000 employees, confirmed another element of the report, however: That its employees’ talking points include opposition to a public option for health insurance.

TPM reported yesterday being told by a source that the company’s operators were directing  employees to protests against administration plans.

A spokesman for United Health, John Parker, flatly denied the anonymous source’s characterization.

“That’s absolutely categorically wrong,” he said. “We have never encouraged our employees to attend Tea Parties. The information we provide our employees is publicly available information about town halls sponsored by members of Congress…. The links that were provided [in the report] are not links that we provide.”

Parker said the company’s stance is “extremely neutral,” and provided the talking points circulated to employees, which advocate the insurance industry’s basic stance: An openness to “bipartisan” reform, but staunch opposition to a public plan...

United Health Group:

Health Care Modernization Talking Points: (continues after the break)


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Update: Video…WH ‘Fishy’ Americans List: Megyn Kelly schools Bill Burton…


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Oh I cannot wait until this comes up on video. Most excellent.

Bill Burton tried to slip his way out of it, and WOULD NOT ANSWER the questions. This is wrong, Just plain wrong, The WH has no business collecting our info, none, period. And Megyn points out the concern is about FREE SPEECH.

Will post video as soon as it is up.

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Copacabana Goes Karaoke, Fox News Style!

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It’s all for charity.

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Update: Scroll Down for update: Megyn Kelly Shouts Down Bernie Sanders On Dem-Only Nationalized Healthcare Plan…0 GOP invited to summit

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“Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer reported on the Democrat-only meeting with President Obama on the nationalized healthcare plan they are planning on ramming through Congress.”

Bernie is VERY CONCERNED that he be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that there is NO PLAN.

this is part of Daschles book on how to ram through health care with no debate or dissent, dont reveal the plan until the vote, HA! frakkers..

I want my pap smear, NEVER thought I would have to demand a pap smear,  sheesh am I right ladies, least favorite thing about being a woman? pap smears and mammograms

but ya know UK wont pay for them  the way we do as part of routine care, cost control….

Hey nitwits on the Hill! You cant work we GEN Xers until we are 85 unless you give us our damned hip replacements- Bernie I am talking to you!

Update: In the clip, Bernie makes a lot out of the high administrative cost of benefits in CA, staying it is a rip off. Maybe he should consult with an insurer before he makes these invalid assumptions. no doubt they were briefed by the SEIU at the ‘summit’ lol.

As someone who spent 20 years in various aspects of medical insurance, the bulk of it in claims processing, let me attest to the fact that the reason it is much more expensive to adjudicate medical claims for CA insureds is the incredible number of state mandates on benefits in CA.

For example, I have worked in situations where we had to set the software up to kick out virtually every CA claim for manual adjudication, because the software cannot handle the multiple state mandates, eligibility and timely processing edits on auto adjudication.

It is a well known pearl of wisdom among health insurance workers who are in the know, to live in CA if you plan to have a baby since their maternity leave is the best, the same thing is true of their state mandates for health care and benefits. A person has to manually look at most of their claims, well woman exams are different there, pregnancy is different there, pre existing is different there, anything they could think of to legislate they did and continue to do

No doubt that is one reason why CA is broke…do they not realize the same economic motivations that would impel a business or a person to move in to or out of a state, ie tax rates, regulation, ALSO impel people to move to a state for better Nanny benefits? again no doubt why CA has such a large drain on its social services..it is basic economic theory and human behavior…

To quote Field of Dreams, If you cover them, they will come…

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What Is ACORN? Glenn Beck – Megyn Kelly

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Part II after the break: (more…)

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