A Nightmare on Elm Street reviews…

Ouch. First  Spill:


Then the NYPost, Kyle Smith:

…To the audience suckered into paying to see this, here’s why your generation sucks. A book for first-graders by Carl Reiner was called “Tell Me a Scary Story, But Not Too Scary.” Young adults going to this movie are, mentally, first-graders with a higher tolerance for gore.

Going in, you know the story and pretty much what’s going to happen in every scene (Freddy is going to pop up in varying settings). A girl gets in the bathtub and everyone waits for the finger-knives to appear so they can issue a properly prepared-for shriek. That’s pretend scared.

Now that there have been eight Freddy movies, 12 Jasons and 10 Halloweens, it might be time to declare that kids like to see the same stuff over and over. (When Generation X sat through all this, at least it was new, or new-ish.) But just as you can’t tickle yourself, you can’t really be scared unless you honestly don’t know what’s next. Teens are so uncertain all the time that they crave movies where everything is as pre-arranged as soccer practice. When you start to notice that full-on predictability has become unpleasant to watch, you might just have arrived at the moment of your moviegoing maturity.

Though Freddy is basically the same guy as in the 1984 original, his back story is different. For a few minutes the movie threatens to become interesting — then retreats. (Mild spoilers follow.)…

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Nightmare on Elm St: Robert Englund is a TSCC fan..original cast’s thoughts on the remake…

MiM was already ready to shell out a few clams for the YARM to support Thomas Dekker, (his YouTube to the TSCC fans deserves the loyalty :0)) but it is great to hear Robert Englund is also a Dekker and TSCC fan, and the thoughts of the original cast on the YARM..and PS doesn’t Heather look great?

Courtesy of  elmstreetgirl22 go to link for the rest of the panel:

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YGN: TRANSFORMERS 2 REVIEW: It was… good? Unexpected.

From YourGeekNews. Spoilers start 6 minutes in, you will get a warning :0)

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Your Geek News: Transformers 2 Preview…

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From the ever-awesome YourGeekNews:

If you go back to our 2007 review, Matt was on a bit of a tirade about how terrible of an adaptation Michael Bay’s first Transformers film was (you can check out that review here). Now that all the wounds have healed, Bumblebee is a Camaro, Jazz is dead and Optimus has flames on his trailerless tractor trailer, it’s time to see if this re-imagined Transformerverse has a good story to tell in it.We’ve got three scenes to share with you that give you an idea of what to expect from T2… wait, that acronym is already taken. Either way, we hope you enjoy our take on almost 5 minutes of theatrical footage from the film!~Matt + Nat

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