Update: Opening Day Box Office Stomps ‘Dark Knight’, new record; ‘New Moon’ breaks box office records for midnight run- $26.3 million; “Paranormal Activity” the most profitable film of all time, highest grossing R rated thriller in a decade…

Actors Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart arrive at The Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere in Westwood, Calif. Monday, Nov. 16, 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Update: Heh. The ‘female-driven’ New Moon has knocked Batman’s dxck in the dirt. Vamps rool and caped crusaders drool this winter, lol:

Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” tore up the box office record for best opening day, grabbing the title away from Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight,” and earning a spectacular $72.7 million yesterday at 4,024 theaters.An exceptional feat for a film playing outside the summer frame.

There were an array of estimates being reported on the internet about how high the first day of “New Moon” actually was. This morning’s figure is Summit’s official Friday estimate.

“Dark Knight” had minted $67.2 million from 4,366 runs on July 18, 2008 before making a three-day opening weekend of $158.4 million.

Fueling the Friday B.O. for “New Moon” were midnight shows in 3,514 venues which drew in a record-breaking $26.3 million for the time slot.

The opening day for “New Moon” posted more than a 100% gain over the first Friday of “Twilight” which made $36 million a year ago and a three-day weekend of $69.6 million.

Hollywood better wake the hell up, another piece here focuses on the ‘female crowd’ and we know they are producing nothing original from interviews with Rob Zombie and the director of Trick R Treat also; Paranormal Activity made a mint and so will New Moon. Stop wasting money on Will Ferrell and other noted morons who want to criticize America and instead focus on producing things ‘females’ and their husbands, boyfriends, friends, sons, brothers, cousins may want to watch. How many times can you make American Pie? All Will Ferrell’s movies are the same. Go ahead hire a few women as studio execs and see what happens.  Shake it up, lol. CW is doing pretty damn fine.

For a franchise that has clearly targeted females, “New Moon’s” first day is so exceptional that it’s fair to say that the film most likely played beyond its core crowd to males. However, Summit plans to release the pic’s moviegoing demos in its three-day estimate report tomorrow. Ever since the first installment finished its play in theaters, the production of “New Moon” has garnered non-stop headlines on glossy covers and fansites with the media savoring details on the film as well as its cast members Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner….


Summit Entertainment’s sequel “New Moon” has set box office history in breaking all records for midnight runs, grossing a whopping $26.3 million as it unspooled in 3,514 theaters at 12:01 a.m. Friday.That easily beats the $22.2 million collected by Warner Bros.’ “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” this summer. Today, “New Moon” goes into a total of 4,024 runs domestically. For a female-driven property to draw such a turnout is also history-making.

Next record for “New Moon” to eclipse: Best opening day. Current record-holder is Warners’ “The Dark Knight,” which grossed $67.2 million from 4,366 runs on July, 18, 2008.

However the first day grosses for “New Moon” turn out, they will far exceed the $36 million earned by “Twilight” on its first Friday exactly a year ago…

MiM is also pleased to note “Paranormal Activity” is now the most profitable film of all time.

The hit $15,000 thriller PARANORMAL ACTIVITY has grown from its midnight-only showings in a handful of college towns to become this year’s biggest movie phenomenon, and will cross $100 million at the box office after only five weekends of national release as of Friday. In so doing, the movie has become the top grossing R-Rated thriller of the past decade.

…PARANORMAL ACTIVITY began its theatrical life with midnight-only screenings in 12 college towns across the U.S. and quickly developed into a national wide hit, with fans visiting the ParanormalMovie.com website and demanded the film be brought to their city. After more than 1 million such requests, Paramount expanded the film nationally where it has been playing to packed theaters ever since.”

What is truly amazing about PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is the depth of commitment from fans who demanded to see it,” said Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brad Grey. “Adam Goodman, our head of production, believed in the film and championed it from the very first screening. This box-office milestone is also a testament to Oren Peli’s considerable talents as a filmmaker. All of us at Paramount are proud to have been involved with his revolutionary project.”…

Paranormal Activity $5,035,043 Weekly Box Office $104.7 TOTAL GROSS Millions

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