Nikki Wins!!!

Update 2: Home again home again jiggety jig :0) Home to see Mike Lee beat Bennett Backed Bridgewater in UT! Way to go Utah Tea Party! Red State must be ecstatic :0)

Update : Tim Scott R-SC wins!


Get used to “Congressman Tim Scott.” He’s declared the winner in an R+10 district in South Carolina.

AP has called the SC GOP Gubernatorial run off for Nikki Haley!

Yay Nikki!

Here’s a tune for that dumbaxx will folkes, I think this is where he got his fantasies from, lol

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SC vote for Nikki Haley today! GOP Gubernatorial Run off

Update 3: AP calls it for Nikki!

Update 2: Politico has their results header up. Nikki has an early lead as the first results are coming in

Update: Email from Nikki:

Making It Count


As I have traveled throughout our state, the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding our movement is unlike anything we’ve seen in South Carolina before.  You have shown dedication to this movement over these past two weeks and I am proud to have your support.

Today, I am writing to ask for your help in making sure our supporters vote.  Even if you didn’t vote on June 8, you can still vote today!  The polls are open until 7 p.m.

Also, we are celebrating election night at the State Museum on Gervais Street in Columbia.  We hope you can join us as our movement becomes a reality.

Thank you for your support!

My very best,

Go Nikki! GOP Gubernatorial run off is today. Politico has decided now is the time to finally write a piece about Nikki that isn’t all trash. Little late Maroons.

Please go vote SC!!

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Primary Day! SC, CA, NV, AR and more…


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In Support of Nikki Haley (R-SC)

We support Nikki Haley in the SC GOP Gubernatorial race.

Nikki has experience and an understanding of what the people are looking for, leadership.

Much hoopla has been made of scurrilous accusations of infidelity by first a blogger and now the former Chief of Staff of Andre Bauer, Nikki’s opponent. (What an amazing coinkydink eh?) See Palmetto State Politics blog for full coverage.

I don’t know what these two buffoons think they have to gain by smearing this woman except for advancing the cause of Andre Bauer. If they have nothing else to go after her on, like you know, ISSUES, then they should sit down and let the people decide.

But we did learn one thing last night, Andre Bauer is a coward and Nikki Haley has guts. And THAT is important when you are looking for leadership, especially in the fiscal situation ALL the states are heading into under the Obama economy.

Andre Bauer could not meet Nikki’s eyes in the debate last night when she confronted him directly about the story.

It reminded my quite a bit of one debate in the Dem primary in 08 when the late Tim Russert confronted Obama with the ‘race card memo’ his staff had compiled containing ‘incidents of racism’ Team O claimed was displayed by the Clinton campaign. Of course Obama just schmoozed Russert and the cameras,  claiming he just wanted to move forward past these ‘incidents’, (then his campaign played the race card again the following week.) Quite Bauer like really. Pathetic.

Erick Erickson has been all over this:

…As Nikki Haley notes, Bauer only fired Marchant after the press refused to pick up the story.

Thus we see Andre Bauer’s entire campaign strategy — ignore the issues, ignore the experience, and go straight to calling Nikki Haley a whore. I really and truly hope South Carolina voters will not reward the man for something so disgusting….

Nikki Haley says these smears are just that, lies and smears. I take her at her word.

But you know what? If she did have an affair it is IMO absolutely none of our business. My position has not changed on this one iota since the Big Dawg days. I don’t particularly care how my politicans fulfill their inner ids as long as it does not impact governance. That is IMO between themselves, their families and their God.

Whether or not Nikki Haley ever had an affair, we know Andre Bauer is a coward and a sleaze ball who would ruin a woman’s reputation behind her back and not have the guts to challenge her to her face.

Nuff said.

Vote Nikki Haley!

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