E-Book wars escalate: Amazon strikes back with cheaper 9.7 inch DX-Kindle Graphite…


Kindle kicks iPADS axx six ways to Sunday if reading is your application of choice. E-ink lets you read OUTSIDE, and the free built in wireless access is best in show baby. And now the DX, the 9.7 inch screen version is cheaper, faster, better contrast, and global network access capable, yeah baby. $379- we have pre-ordered and will review as soon as we get our hands on it!!! *Estimated shipping date July 12, 2010*


Amazon.com is launching an updated version of its high-end Kindle electronic reader and cutting the price in a move to address the threat from Apple’s iPad tablet computer.

Amazon’s new Kindle DX, which sports a higher-quality 9.7-inch screen, will sell for $379, down from $489, and have free 3G wireless connection with no monthly bills or annual contracts, the company said.

It was the second price cut for Amazon in as many weeks. Responding to the threat from the iPad, Amazon cut the Kindle with a 6-inch screen to $189, hours after book-selling rival Barnes & Noble Inc lowered the price on its “Nook” to $199. Both had cost $259….

This is IMO the way to go for textbooks too…

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