NY: Bloomberg – Thompson Debate

Unbelieveable! almost no questions about UNEMPLOYMENT!

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NYPost OpEd:

BY the end last night’s debate between incumbent Mayor Michael Bloomberg and challenger Bill Thompson, the city comptroller, we had the answers to numerous pressing questions. We knew if the candidates had ever had a manicure, where they stood on the Roman Polanski affair and whether they exercised regularly. But we still awaited the first adult discussion on our imperiled economy.

The economy came up only in passing, when the candidates referred to the homeless, crime or subsidized housing. Amazingly, none of the questions in the debate — sponsored by NY1 and radio station WNYC and held at The Museum of the Barrio — spoke to the looming economic and fiscal dangers ahead.

Unemployment went unmentioned, even though the city has lost 100,000 jobs since Wall Street tanked, sending our unemployment rate up to 10.3 percent — the highest level in 16 years.

Barring an entirely unexpected revival in hiring, that number will only go sharply higher as the financial sector continues to shrink and as the numbing effect of federal stimulus money wears off in a year and half — leaving the next mayor in the fiscal soup.

An alert challenger less concerned with pandering would have asked, as Thompson did not, why, even in the recent boom years, the city’s rate of job creation has been so far below the average of the last 30 years. And asked why so many of the jobs that have been created are either in low-end hospitality work or at city-subsidized health-care facilities….

Clips 3-7 of the debate after the break-

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Update: Gibbs does not deny: Rudy! ‘The David Paterson Problem’: Team TOTUS asks Paterson to withdraw from NY Gov race…

Update 4: Gibbs does not deny:

– He didn’t dispute reports that the White House has asked New York Gov. David Paterson to drop his reelection campaign. “Well, look, I think everybody understands the tough job that every elected official has right now in addressing many of the problems that we have,” Gibbs said. “I think people are aware of the tough situation that the governor of New York is in. I wouldn’t add a lot to what you’ve read except this is a decision that he’s going to make.”

Gibbs dismissed a suggestion that Obama risked blowback by meddling in local affairs, saying other presidents had done the same and backlash was simply one of the “hazards of the job.”


Update 3: 9/21: NYPost comments that the NY State Legislature will now be brought to a standstill as pols refuse to take painful votes to get the budget in line for Paterson since he is a ‘dead man walking’. Thanks TOTUS for making sure NY gets absolutely nothing done until next year.

NYPost also asks is TOTUS pushing Paterson out to try and stop a Rudy entry and Rudy win, thereby setting Rudy up for a ’12 challenge to TOTUS? You betcha! My mom would vote for Rudy in a hot second!

(…)But most importantly, Obama realizes that the only thing that could stand between his own re-election in 2012 and a direct challenge from former mayor and potential Republican gubernatorial and presidential contender Rudy Giuliani — the man who defeated New York City’s first black mayor — is Attorney General Cuomo, the state’s most popular politician and one who unfailingly beats Giuliani in the polls.

The unelected Paterson, who polls show is easy prey to a Giuliani candidacy, is, of course, a very different story….

Update 2: Breaking on WSJ Chyron Lazio to enter NY Gov race. Now it would be doubly fun were we to get HRC running, oh if only. But whomever takes this job has a hexx of a mess waiting for them and a recalcitrant state legislature full of nincompoops IMO…

Update: WH calls FOX to whine and say TOTUS didn’t make the call on Paterson himself, it was just some high level WH person, you know how that is, lol. More of the now infamous WH crybabies Chris Wallace laughed about Friday..how WEAK!

Pfft! and BWAAAHAAAAHAA!!Sounds like Paterson got the same lesson all the peeps who wanted to run against Gillibrand got, there is no such thing as having a friend in high places when it is TOTUS. Anyone can go unda da bus at any time.


National Democratic Party leaders have asked Gov. David Paterson to consider withdrawing from the 2010 governor’s race.(…) The sources said it was unclear what Gov. Paterson would do in response.

The New York Times, which originally reported the request on its Web site, said that it was President Barack Obama who asked Gov. Paterson to withdraw.

Party leaders in Washington have become concerned about Gov. Paterson’s political weakness, believing the governor’s office is too important to risk losing, one of the state Democratic advisers told the AP on Saturday.

And it sounds like they lowered the boom now so TOTUS didn’t have to do it in person next week. Bock Bock Barack!

A message about the race was delivered from top national Democrats at a dinner Friday night with Gov. Paterson…The Democratic leaders spoke of a concern referred to as the “David Paterson problem,” the adviser said.

The request has been in the works for a couple weeks, and the intention was to wait until after the state’s primary to deliver it, the other adviser said.…Mr. Obama is scheduled to be in upstate New York that day, when he is expected to deliver a vision of economic revival to students at the Hudson Valley Community College in Troy.

That’s our TOTUS, delivering VISIONS of economic revival instead of, you know, actual ECONOMIC REVIVAL!  A regular Sugar Plum Fairy is TOTUS.

I think they are clearly RACIST! Sorry had to say it, recall Paterson claimed racism was behind his awful poll numbers

Gov. David A. Paterson said on Friday that the chorus of people who believe he should not run for election next year want to keep him out of the race because he is black.

“We’re not in the post-racial period,” said Mr. Paterson..

and Rangel suggested Cuomo should not run in a Dem primary against Paterson b/c it would create ‘racial tension’ within the Democratic party.

In an interview with NY1, Rep. Charles Rangel warns state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo not to challenge Gov. David Paterson in a Democratic primary next year, saying it could create “racial polarization” in the state and be “devastating” to New York Democrats.

“You cannot support the governor, prepare for re-election, and at the same time say that you’re keeping your options open for a primary,” Rangel said of Cuomo.

“I think that there might be an inclination for racial polarization in a primary in the state of New York,” Rangel told political reporter Michael Scotto. “And since we have most African-Americans registered as Democrats, and since you would be making an appeal for Democrats, it would be devastating in my opinion.”

What a bunch of loons we have running things seriously. It seems Team TOTUS spends a LOT of time worrying about elections and not a lot of time creating JOBS for Americans.

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Oh Please Make it So!!: Rumour Patrol- Hillary considering run for NY Gov?

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

(AP Photo/Tom Uhlman)

Oh please please please, do it Hill! Get away from Team TOTUS far, far away., I thought you would be able to accomplish things for the world but they have you FENCED IN.  I was WRONG. FREE HILLARY! h/t HotAir


The boss hears from two sources that Hillary Clinton is considering stepping down as Secretary of State this fall in order to run for Governor of New York.

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President Bill Clinton and  first lady, Hillary dance on a Saint Thomas beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands,( January 4th, 1998) before ending their 6-day vacation.. CREDIT:Agence France-Presse Photo 01/04/1998

President Bill Clinton and first lady, Hillary dance on a Saint Thomas beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands,( January 4th, 1998) before ending their 6-day vacation.. CREDIT:Agence France-Presse Photo 01/04/1998

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