ACORN counter-rallies: where Freedom of Speech goes to die….

Unreal. The new M.O. seems to be to disrupt OUR rallies, and prevent our voices from being heard at all at THEIR rallies.

Here an Obamabot harasses the patriots in NY and talks down to a WWII vet, then goes nutso on other patriots, like they always do when they have no facts, they resort to ad hominem attacks:

Courtesy of ProjectShiningCity

First they send someone into  a Tucson Tea Party meeting to disrupt, and true to form he gets violent.

Courtesy of iamanoldfatman

More ACORN shenanigans: Then they stop any other voices from being heard at  their union sponsored Pro Obamacare rallies, where they are suddenly concerned about Private Property Rights, HA! The same folks who are breaking and entering foreclosed homes don’t want private property rights infringed? BWAAAHAAA!!!

Courtesy of SharpElbowsStLouis

More of the awesome panelists who spoke at the Tucson Tea Party meeting and the Patriots marching in St Louis after the break:


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