NYY owner George Steinbrenner passes away

God Bless. 80 years old, what a life he led! Man how we loved to hate George in NYC back in the day! (70s!) But of course he rebuilt the team~ oh boy did he! No estate tax since the Critters are so incompetent BTW. God Bless the family and the team.

I have always been a huge Mr October fan so when Steinbrenner would fire Billy and Reggie would get upset so would I, lol.,..

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Baseball Take Me Away: NYY @ AZ Dbacks 9:40pm EST


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Derek Jeter plays washed out Yankee for Will Ferrell flick ‘The Other Guys’


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The Yankees Win the Series!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! World Series Game 6 Phillies @ NYY: Yankees look for the win, Phillies try to force a Game 7


Vodpod videos no longer available.





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Phillies win 8-6; now behind Yanks 2 games to 3; World Series Game 5: NY Yankees @ Phillies: NYY up 3 games to 1

WSJ live blogging the game here


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Yankees win 7-4!!! Ahead 3 games to 1!!World Series Game 4 – NYY @ Phillies

3 games ahead baby! 1 to go for the win!! Booyah!!!

Alex Rodriguez had the go-ahead ninth-inning RBI double to give the New York Yankees a 7-4 win over the Phillies and a 3-1 World Series lead. Johnny Damon set up the winning hit by stealing second and third on the same play. (Nov. 2)

Yanks are up 2 Games to 1 as we wait for first pitch in Game 4 at Philly

WSJ live blogging the game here:

7:52: What a difference 24 hours can make. An absolutely perfect fall night for baseball here in Philadelphia. There’s a crispness in the air that says it’s the middle of the World Series.


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Yankees win 8-5; Yanks take lead in series 2-1;World Series Game 3 NYY @ Phillies..

Update: woot! Newsday Blog Yankees win, 8-5. Lead World Series, two games to one.

7:52 pm EST: Rainy but MLB says game is on -waiting for first pitch-Series is tied up at 1 game a piece


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World Series Game 2: NY Yankees take it 3-1


Yanks take Game 2,  3-1

Series tied 1 game a piece

WSJ blogged the game here


Here is the moment I yelled at the TV:

10:40: I need to know if Derek Jeter tried to sacrifice with two strikes, or if Joe Girardi signaled him to do it. Girardi should be the first manager fired in the middle of a World Series if it was him.

And Yankees fan deluxe Ben Kabak of the great Yankees blog River Avenue Blues notes that Jeter bunts on his own all the time with two strikes. Yanks fans should hope The Captain doesn’t become The Manager in 10 years.

10:38: Tim McCarver: “At 0-2, there is no way Jeter is still bunting. Too good a hitter.”

Jeter bunts foul and is out. — Fitzgerald

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