Obama Speech to Congress draws less viewers than Big Dawg and GWB…

Yep, the Thrill is Gone baby…heh…from Don Surber via Instapundit:

Considering this was the first SOTU by the most popular president in the Election Day polls in 20 years, one would think he would top them.

But Clinton’s first SOTU drew 66.9 million viewers.

In 2003, Bush drew 62 million.

Obama’s 52.4 million viewers last night was slightly above average, when adjusted for population, perhaps a sign that people no longer are as in awe of him — and that the nation does not feel it is as in peril as the media and the Democratic Party want people to think it is.

The people are not turning to the president for guidance.

That stands in stark contrast to the overwrought rhetoric he offered.

The story is here.

UPDATE: Nielsen pointed out, Obama’s share of 32.5% (percentage of Americans watching) was rather mediocre. Clinton in 1993 drew 44.3% of American viewers.


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POTUS Speech To Congress: Responsibility….

Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research conducted a focus group to get reactions to Obamas speech to the joint session of Congress, termed his first State of the Union address. The speech addressed healthcare reform, the economy, energy policy, education reform, and accountability.


Strong partisan divides. The view from this group was not quite as gushy about the speech as most of the cable networks would suggest. While Americans continue to root for the President to succeed, the first few weeks of the Obama Administration have done little to erase the partisan skepticism so prevalent of the past eight years. What we witnessed was a group of people polarized by Obama’s message even while they ended up giving him reasonably high marks for his performance overall. In fact, we saw huge partisan divides in nearly every area of Obama’s speech.

A new divide is forming. As significant as the partisan divide, we also saw a new philosophical split emerging: the responsible vs. the irresponsible. Many participants – Democrats and Republicans alike – believe that the stimulus package and the housing bill are doing too much to reward the bad behavior of others. They resent neighbors who never should have purchased homes they couldn’t afford and they are angry that they will now be forced to carry the burden for what they see as reckless behavior. They reject Obama’s recent policy victories as the wrong approach to solving the financial crisis and want to ensure that they will not be asked to sacrifice more to support others.

People and Personal responsibility. For all of the large reform proposals outlined in Obama’s speech, the messages that resonated most were not about government at all. They were about people and personal responsibility. Talk about “the hardest-working people on Earth” or the parent who must take responsibility for her children or the “men and women in uniform” received uniformly positive responses. For Republicans and Democrats, there is agreement that now is a time for greater personal responsibility. And for a former community organizer it is ironic that the messages that did best were those that spoke of giving Americans the power to achieve a better future.

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