ACORN – it’s hard out there for a pimp…

Absolutely sickening. ACORN needs to be indicted under RICO. Our Justice Dept is busy getting Andrew ‘birth truther’ Sullivan off his pot possession arrest. Who’s politicizing JUSTICE? Team TOTUS that’s who.


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Update: 2009 government deficit $1.086 Trillion this year SO FAR…..Make A STAND…

Scroll down for update from WSJ…

Breaking CNBC Chyron

2009 Government Budget Deficit at $1.086 Trillion SO FAR this fiscal year


The Stand with Crowded House courtesy of nefertitisheir

Stephen Kings miniseries about a plague (sp), its survivors and the battle between good and evil. I just love it! Song by Crowded House called “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

Update: WSJ:

The U.S. budget deficit broke past $1 trillion in June, a grim testament to the recession and financial crisis. The federal government spent $94.32 billion more than it made in the ninth month of fiscal 2009, the Treasury Department said Monday in its monthly budget statement.

With that latest spill of red ink, the budget gap, for the first nine months of fiscal 2009, widened to $1.086 trillion. A year earlier, the deficit was $285.85 billion for the same nine months.

In June 2008, the government ran a surplus of $33.55 billion.

Fiscal years start Oct. 1. The White House has predicted the deficit will climb to $1.841 trillion this fiscal year. The biggest deficit for any fiscal year on record is $454.8 billion, which was rung up in fiscal 2008.

A survey of economists by Dow Jones Newswires forecast a June deficit of $97.0 billion. June federal government spending totaled $309.68 billion, compared to $226.37 billion in June 2008….

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Gibbs mocks GE and NBC when questioned on budget by Chuck Todd…

good…how do you like to be mocked Chuck? They don’t get it, no one gets a free ride and anyone who makes them look bad gets attacked and thrown under a bus…Just b/c you helped get him elected with your kiss axx coverage does not mean you get to question him now Chuckie Boy…..learn from Zelany at the NYT, talk about how ‘enchanting’ the proposed budget  is…maroons….

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Politico:…”One half of one percent — how is this truly a tough decision?” Todd asked Gibbs, referring to Obama’s $17 billion in planned program reductions.

“I’ll resist the temptation —,” Gibbs began, but Todd cut him off.

“You want to have a money argument, but the percentage does matter,” Todd said. “People are cutting back their spending by 10 percent. Companies are cutting back by 5 percent.”

“NBC!” Gibbs interjected with a laugh. “The stock of GE!”

It’s not the first time Gibbs has teased the press corps for its economic troubles. Earlier this week, when he ruled out a bailout for newspapers, Gibbs jabbed reporters for minimizing the scale of the president’s earlier budget cuts.

“You guys didn’t think $100 million meant a lot a few weeks ago,” Gibbs said. “But looking at some of the balance sheets, $100 million seems to mean a lot.”

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Market Mover Wednesday: BofA needs 34b but shares rise anyway…


As a shareholder I am all WTF?!?!?

Feds say we need to raise 34Billion and the shares are UP? WTH?

Where are we going to get 34 b? the markets? HA! HA!!

The government is going to convert to common equity and DILUTE US ALL TO HELL! WTH WOULD SHARES RISE ON THAT?

Makes no sense whatsoever…


Bank of America’s need to close a $34 billion capital gap wasn’t as bad a scenario as some on Wall Street privately feared, (Well WTH did they fear if 34B wasnt bad? I thought we needed like 15 or 20b!) sending shares sharply higher.

The company’s stock initially sank on fears that the capital needs would be dilutive to shareholders.

But traders instead focused on the importance of getting clarity to the numbers and a pervading sense that BofA could use other means to raise capital that wouldn’t necessarily be dilutive to shareholders, market sources said. Shares gained more than 10 percent before the opening bell.

They should just say, “but traders who are in deep frakkin denial are glad it wasnt a trillion” for all the sense this market action makes….this while Judge Garcia orders the Chrysler debtholders names released by noon EST today despite death threats..hang in there baby fight for the free market system, for all of us…..

Like Frida said baby I know there’s something going on and it aint good

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Rep. Blackburn Questions Al Gore

The answer is YES Al, you will make TONS of dough as a partner with 1 billion invested in 40 companies who will benefit from cap and trade.

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