BP Oil Spill and Team Obama

Karl Rove discusses the Epic Fail of Obama during this crisis on Greta last night:

This is what is freaking out the Democrats:

Two record-low three-day job approval ratings in the past week helped Obama's weekly average tie the lowest of his presidency. Gallup reported a 44% approval rating last Thursday and again on Saturday. Prior to last week, the lowest three-day approval figure for Obama in Gallup Daily tracking had been 45%, a percentage that has now been reached seven times since the start of April.

Jake Tapper summarizes the many positions of Team Obama to date, none of which is getting the job done:


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After the Fall: Obama approval ratings continue to tank…

The late, great Jeff Healey, God Bless him:

Gallup tries to focus on an improving view of terrorism policy, but all the news is bad and how good can the view be when Quinnipiac says Americans feel ‘less safe’ (see Q linky below), if the Cabal of Dunces we call the Dem leadership is still CLINGING, *bitterly*, to the idea that once HCR is done the approval numbers will change, this number on the economy should wake them up:

Not that any of us want the crxpulent health care ‘reform’ bill they are pushing like last season’s rejects from tv pilot season:

Ed at HA has the latest from Quinnipiac

…”By a 47 – 40 percent margin, independent voters rate Obama’s first year in office as mainly a failure;…Obama’s job approval is only slightly lower than his 46 – 43 percent rating in Quinnipiac University’s December 23 survey. But it continues a gradual but consistent downward move that began last summer when his approval rating was 59 – 31 percent positive June 4.”

Yes, it’s that same consistent downward move that Rasmussen also detected in the summertime among likely voters.  In fact, it’s that same consistent downward move that every pollster seems to have detected now, even ones that used skewed samples like CBS/New York Times….

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