WH ‘Jobs Forum’ to feature ‘Green’ jobs sector leaders and labor, shockah!

Oh good gawd. Just CUT PAYROLL TAXES!! Just STOP THE HEALTH CARE BILL and Green regulations and taxing like crazy and small business will hire!

What will they do now, force Disney to paint their roofs white? Notice labor and green jobs are the focus here. And like 3 small business owners for good optics. Plus a bunch of academics, all of whom loved Obama in our primaries, like Stiglitz. Lord Help Us.


WHITE HOUSE ANNOUNCES JOBS FORUM HEADLINERS — An aide says Thursday’s forum “will have approximately 130 attendees for the jobs forum including small business owners, experts from green jobs sector, business leaders, academics, mayors and representatives from nonprofits.”

CONFIRMED ATTENDEES INCLUDE: Eric Schmidt, Google (MiM here-GOOG-the company has a 30% profit margin and uses more carbon than anyone else on the list but he is Obama’s buddy so there ya go); Randall Stevenson, AT&T; Surya Mohapatra, Qwest ; Frederick Smith, Fed Ex; Brian Roberts, Comcast; Bob Iger, Disney; James McNerney, Boeing; Andrew Livens, Dow; Peter Solmssen, Siemens; Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning;

Phaedra Ellis Lamkins, Green for All; Reed Hundt, Coalition for the Green Bank; Larry Mishel, EPI; Alan Blinder, Princeton; Paul Krugman, Princeton; Joe Stiglitz, Columbia; Bob Greenstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; and Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia.

PLUS SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, including David Ickert, Air Tractor; Woody Hall, Diversapack; and Rose Wang, Binary Group.

AND Anna Burger, Change to Win; Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers; Joe Hansen, United Food and Commercial Workers; Randi Weingarten, AFT; Mayor Frank Cownie, Des Moines; Mayor Julian Castro, San Antonio; and Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Allentown, Pa.

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The bizarre Paul Volcker ‘interview’ with CNBC

Everybody knows (as Leonard Cohen would say), that Team TOTUS is using Volcker for his name and persona and not listening to him at all. Volcker cant handle the truth! Watch the BIZARRE tete a tete with Maria Bartiromo and the analysis from Kudlow and Co…

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Steve Wynn rips Obama Stimulus and Economic Policy on Squawk Box

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NABE Forecast: More job losses ahead

WSJ discusss the anti growth measures coming from Congress and the impact they have on job creation – that being they kill it.


Meanwhile no action in the Senate on the UE extension as they wrangle over health care which is NOT a crisis; and on the House side,  Pelosi is back to the drawing board talking to economists again, b/c her first swing at a stimulus went so well eh? NOT!

In other good news NABE (the group that officially call the recessions and what have you correction, that is the NBER) has a jobless forecast:

The worst U.S. recession since the Great Depression has ended, but weak household spending as the labor market struggles to create jobs will slow the pace of the economy’s recovery, according to a survey released Monday.

…The NABE survey, conducted in September, predicted real GDP growth expanding at a 2.9 percent pace over the second half of this year. Output for the whole of 2009 is expected to contract 2.5 percent and next year, rebound to 2.6 percent.Much of the anticipated recovery was seen driven by businesses rebuilding their inventories after aggressively reducing unwanted stocks of unsold goods to match weak demand…(Gee sounds like MiM’s forecast from last July, lol)

…The survey predicted that the unemployment rate would rise to 10 percent in the first quarter of 2010 and edge down to 9.5 percent by the end of that year. The labor market was not expected to regain most the jobs destroyed in the current recession until 2012 or beyond....


(…)Rob Shapiro, an economist who was a top official in President Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department, sees “substantial, continued job losses” for some time if the government doesn’t take more aggressive steps to foster job growth.In the meantime, the Obama administration should “prepare the American people to wait a while for real results,” said Shapiro, now with a Democratic think tank called NDN.

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BBR: Update: Wyden’s Middle Way…Health Care: House Proposes New Payroll Taxes, Value Added Tax, to fund health care bill….

Bumped: Now that CBO scored the Kennedy draft, the Wyden Bennett bill is getting a chance, here is video from 2 months ago and a WSJ piece up TODAY!

Update: WSJ has an excellent interview up with Ron Wyden D-OR, who has what sounds like a FABULOUS proposal that will address many of the issues we have without taxing us to death or rationing our care, please go read it!

…less-radical approaches, like the one Mr. Wyden is co-sponsoring with Utah Republican Bob Bennett. “The country has bailout fatigue,” Mr. Wyden explains. “The Congressional Budget Office said our proposal was budget neutral in the short term and that it would essentially start bending the cost curve downward in the third year.”

…the Wyden-Bennett Healthy Americans Act relies on the private insurance market while imposing a series of regulations to squeeze savings from the private sector. It also requires individuals to buy coverage for themselves, the controversial “individual mandate.” The idea, Mr. Wyden says, is to harness the Democratic desire to get everyone covered to the Republican interest in markets and consumer choice.

..I think the way to go,” Mr. Wyden says, “is with a generous deduction that sends a market-oriented message.” He says that means that, if you shop carefully for your health care, you’re going to get your taxes cut.

The typical family of four spends about $13,000 a year for their health care for the year, he says. In the Healthy Americans plan, they set the deduction at $19,000. “If you get a deduction of between $17,000 and $19,000 for a middle-class family of four . . . [that] now spends $13,000 on health care, we’ve got a chance to give millions of people . . . more money in their wallet because they got a chance to shop in a new system driven by informed choice and financial incentives to make those choices.”


…And Labor? Unions have every right to bargain for the best possible package, he says. “But nobody, be it a CEO or a labor [union] member ought to be getting what amounts to gold-plated coverage with the tax subsidies paid for by somebody who is a modestly compensated woman at a small business who doesn’t have a health plan.”

Sounds like Wyden and Bennett have a feasible answer to the issue, I am letting my Critters know I support it :0)


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Nuke power for he but not for we..Video – Obama: Iran Has “Legitimate Aspirations” For Nuclear Power

So Iran can have nuclear energy even though they sit on more oil and gas than anyone else and want to wipe Israel off the map, but we in America can not have nuke energy just because it is dirty and stuff…m’kay then just so’s we’re all clear….OY VEY…Ed at HA has more

And PS -A company in China bought Hummer from GM cause again, it is okay for China to pump tons of CO2 into the atmosphere driving giant  tank like vehicles but again, not for us, we have to drive a SUBcompact to prove to the world we care or something…I am not really clear on how crippling American industry and sticking it to Middle Class Americans on everything they buy is going to help us…

Guess we need to wait until TOTUS goes to Egypt and explains to the muslims of the world how we are going to change to make them happy, then our American TOTUS loving media can tell us how to think and feel and live in the new era of Obama…

and PPSS – TOTUS instructed the State Dept to invite all Iranian diplomats to American Embassy Fourth of July parties, I am sure American Media will cover that but not the tea parties we have that day….(as one HA commenter points out the last time an A-jad look alike partied at an American embassy it didn’t go too well for us)

I am still waiting for Obama to come out and decry that cowardly attack on two American military members in front of a recruiting station by a homegrown Muslim convert the way he decried the Tiller shooting…waiting waiting waiting……

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Jack Welch, CNBC

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JAM ON IT: Notorious T.I.M. (taxes in the mail) Geithner introduces new Obama Jobs Plan: Hire 800 more auditors at IRS…

TOTUS and TIny Tim will build American job numbers ONE TAX AT A TIME!

Hiring 800 more IRS employees to chase Multi National Corporations off American shores and conflating this double taxation with revenue hiding like the Caymans, T.I.M. and TOTUS expand the meanest wing of the government the IRS:

TOTUS followed Notorious T.I.M. by announcing the THEIR FAIR SHARE plan wherein he and T.I.M. go after Americans one slice at a time ..TOTUS said FAIR SHARE twice in 5 minutes…but he’s no ideologue, nah..


Jam On It lyrics after the break…



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