Update: Compare/Contrast 9/12/09 Rally Pic-10-2-10 Rally Pic; Tea Party Documentary; Contract From America; Metro Ridership Data; I Own the World has the pic we need to get a real count;How big was the crowd? Media credibility plunges to new low; Aerial Views added: D.C. Police close roads to buses, people on foot; estimate 1.2 million; ABC can’t count..912 – Party On Patriots!!

9/12/09 Rally and 10-2-10 Rally Crowd Comparison

Above the post update 10/3/2010: So the left/neoprogressive/labor alliance professional grievance folks had a rally they claim was planned before Glenn Beck’s 8-28-10 Rally. If so, they were responding to our 9/12/09 Tea Party Rally in D.C., so let’s compare/contrast form the same angle.

MSM reports citing the OneSomething 10-2-10 Rally had sponsorts claiming 500k people showed up. The MSM is comparing crowd pics of Glenn’s Rally and 10-2-10 because they largely IGNORED the largest rally to date, which was of course the one we covered here, the first 9/12 rally in 09.

We need a GIF of the POST RALLY conditions of the grounds on the capitol mall following both events.

Updates moved to end of post, it’s time to start the 2010 election countdown!!!

9/19- As of today, 203,000 people have viewed this post. If they all send the info to 2 people, we will have surpassed MSNBC/CNNs usual viewership, LOL. The pseudoelite intellectual media (although really not as smart as they think they are-did you see Wolf Blitzer get his axx handed to him on Jeopardy! lol) cannot handle the truth. 2010 will be EPIC!

Go to the linky to expand x2, I cannot fit it here! see to the left and the right!

912 PATRIOTS!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! click to go to IOWNTHEWORLD to expand

Update: 9/17 Charlie Martin reworks the numbers with new data and an update on those Metro Ridership numbers:

(…)we have two new sources of information. First, the ridership statistics from D.C. Metro became available after being delayed, apparently because of a fatal accident on the Metro tracks. The Heritage Foundation, using these figures, computed that Metrorail ridership was about 235,000 greater than the previous weekend. As they say, that in itself is more than three times the (unreliable and badly sourced) number reported in the legacy media.

Second, there is now a high-resolution photo from FreedomWorks, which you can see in the poster here

On comparisons to the Inuguration via the USAToday chart:

Now, let’s look back at the National Park Service method as published in USA Today. If, in fact, the Mall were only as full as a seated crowd of invited guests, as shown in the article, and if the crowd only went to the diagonal streets Pennsylvania and Maryland, then the Park Service method would give an estimate of about 250,000. But a crowd of this sort is rather more dense than a crowd of seated invited guests because of the need for aisles and access in a seating plan; you can see that in the overhead photos of the inauguration.

And summary of key data points:

  • The estimate widely used in the legacy media is not from an authoritative source, and it isn’t even consistent with itself: “full back to 3rd Street” is around 250,000 by Park Sevice methods, not a quarter of that.
  • Many estimates, using different assumptions and different methods, arrived at numbers well into the hundreds of thousands.
  • This is clearly consistent with the panoramic photo that we can source reliably.
  • With everything above, and with several more estimates, I don’t think there is a plausible argument for any total attendance figure much less that 500,000 to 600,000. That is, nearly ten times the reported attendance.

Go read the whole piece!

Rep. John Culberson video from the Capitol steps, he notes the dc police said the est was 250k, lol!! look at those wonderful peaceful Americans 🙂 Thank you to Ace commenter phreshone at September 16, 2009 12:00 PM for the vid!

Okay Obots, here is a picture we have needed, courtesy of IOwntheWorld, who will have more to follow!


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