Sestak Shenanigans: It was Big Dawg, in the library?, with a non paying advisory panel role…

sigh. WSJ has it, hell everyone has it, the Big Dawg is involved.

My understanding of the law is that it is fine to offer someone something for PAST service, (such as Sestak gave HRC by endorsing her in the 08 primaries), but not a quid pro quo for something going forward, but Big Dawg apparently parsed in his very Clintonian way and it was an unpaid advisory panel role Sestak might be offered should he stay in the House.

You know who is probably really pixxed? Blago that’s who.

An interesting factoid as the pundits keep reading the US Code that applies, they cover one that says no sitting official can interfere in a primary etc etc, well go pick up Nancy Pelosi cause she had her sticky hands ALL OVER our Dem primary!

So now Dem pundits are raising Reagan’s guy offering a sitting Senator something etc etc.

Issa R-CA can keep pushing but Big Dawg can parse like nobody’s business and I think they will be wasting their time. Leave the Clintons aloooooooone.

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Twofer Tuesday: Philip Bailey & Phil Collins…

speaking of Easy and betrayal, ahem Specter…let’s shake it off….easy lover, remastered and In the Air Tonight LIVE:

Courtesy of thebunyipfarm

Courtesy of juance24tap

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Obama Speech to Congress draws less viewers than Big Dawg and GWB…

Yep, the Thrill is Gone baby…heh…from Don Surber via Instapundit:

Considering this was the first SOTU by the most popular president in the Election Day polls in 20 years, one would think he would top them.

But Clinton’s first SOTU drew 66.9 million viewers.

In 2003, Bush drew 62 million.

Obama’s 52.4 million viewers last night was slightly above average, when adjusted for population, perhaps a sign that people no longer are as in awe of him — and that the nation does not feel it is as in peril as the media and the Democratic Party want people to think it is.

The people are not turning to the president for guidance.

That stands in stark contrast to the overwrought rhetoric he offered.

The story is here.

UPDATE: Nielsen pointed out, Obama’s share of 32.5% (percentage of Americans watching) was rather mediocre. Clinton in 1993 drew 44.3% of American viewers.


BB King and Clapton clip courtesy of jazzandblues1

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