CIA (Panetta?) knew and a terrorist flew…

Update: Larry Johnson provides his view on why this was NOT a CIA failure here

State did exactly what they were supposed to, they called in the CIA. It would appear that the constant investigations of our intelligence officers, the second guessing of the interrogation techniques they used etc etc, and the insistence of Team Obama that there is no war on terror, and no uniting characteristic among these terrorists that should lead to ‘profiling’ has led to a collapse of security that allowed the terrorist to board a plane bound for America.

CIA did not notify State or TSA that this guy should be on a no fly list or a no visa list. State had a CIA person talk to the father directly and that is the end of State’s role AFAIK. State is not an intelligence agency. We need to let the CIA do it’s job and do it WELL. I suggest we stop investigating our own guys for doing their jobs in the past, and focus on the terrorists who are trying to kill us.

Michelle has it:

In the latest Undy-Bomber-related news, we now learn that the CIA knew of “The Nigerian” in August and had the name of a Nigerian Muslim fanatic meeting with terrorists in Yemen in November, but somehow Abdulmutallab was allowed to fly and retain his active, U.S.-issued visa because the CIA didn’t share its vital file on Abdulmutallab outside its agency..

In other scary news, we learn from Drew at AceHQ that the ‘defendant’ has of course stopped talking and lawyered up. We cannot get any more info from him and he claimed to know about 25 other jiahdis plotting. God bless us.

*Eddie Floyd courtesy of edelweissstudio

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