A Merry Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye Mateys! Arrrrgh!

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TGIF!! Pirate Style

Tomorrow, Saturday September 19th, is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Get your swashbuckling lingo ready mateys, savvy?

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POTC 3 Blooper Reel

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And How POTC 2 Dead Man’s Chest should have ended by HISHEdotcom, after the break:


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UPDATE 3: PEBO Address: Economic Stimulus & Daschle Confirmation Hearing LIVE…


Update 3: 1:53pm EST: Well someone is at least READING the proposed stimulus and taking a cue from Krugman and others. Some Dems are objecting to certain provisions of the PEBO Stimulus Plan, namely the 3k tax credit for new hires which EVERYONE I have read agrees is a total waste of money. They estimate it costs 50k and up to hire and train (and insure) a new employee and the 3k credit will do nada, zip, zilch to incentivize hiring so I am fine with the DEMS getting it out of there, it seems a waste of money:

From AP :

Senators from both parties agreed that Congress should do something to stimulate the economy. But senators emerging from a private meeting of the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday said that tax portion of Obama’s stimulus plan is unworkable.

They were especially critical of a proposed $3,000 tax credit for companies that hire or retrain workers. Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota described it as “misdirected.”

Update 2: this POS piece in Politico with Daschle and people like BOB DOLE’S staff praising Daschle’s approach on UHC over Hillary’s, oh FRAK THEM man, this wimpy GOP we have in now is nothing like the group in 92 AND Daschle and his cohorts caved to DOLE to KILL UHC

Hillary made mistakes, as do we all, but she DID get SCHIP done so frak Daschle and DOLE who PS LOST to Big Dawg, remember?Hillary is the true champion of UHC, and always will be regardless of what Mr Ethanol Lobbying, Bob Dole loving Daschle says, and PS Baucus supports HILLARY’S UNIVERSAL MANDATE Tom did ya get that? maroons….PS Hey Tom,  Dole was and is GOP and blocked UHC, Big Dawg and Hill are DEMS who supported it, see how that works? Methinks Daschle is still BITTER over his loss of his seat, yep…..Daschle and Dole both went to work at the same firm IIRC when they both LOST….

Perhaps the biggest change: Daschle is planning a major grassroots push to build public support for his plan outside Washington, possibly with spokesman-in-chief Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN at the helm as surgeon general. Clinton let opponents carry the day with their famed “Harry and Louise” TV spots.

MiM here, oh HRC ‘LET’ them carry the day with the Harry n Louise ads? like PEBO used those ads in the primaries oh frak me man they are getting me all riled up again….frakers

“It is just a world of difference in so many ways,” said Sheila Burke, the chief of staff to former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) from 1986 to 1996, who followed Clinton’s process. “You’ve got people paying close attention to what those lessons were, and they have already avoided some of the missteps.”

The stakes for Obama are high: his promises on health care were among the most specific of his campaign, setting a deadline of the end of his first term to provide universal coverage for “every single American.”

UPDATE: 11:37am EST: Markets didn’t like it, turning down rapidly DOW now down 94…Well we didn’t get any specifics but the dual teleprompters were back, PEBO is out of practice and stumbled a bit…the language in some parts on setting a new course, together, looking ahead…IMMEDIATELY brought this song to mind:

POTC style, courtesy of Sumarus and Styx of course…(we get more specifics from STYX then we did from PEBO frankly…)

Begins in  40 mins, 11:00am EST covered LIVE everywhere no doubt, but here is a linky to FOX live streaming video for later….

For my fellow Health Care aficionados, the Daschle Confirmation Hearing is streaming live here

He says BOB DOLE reached out to him, oh how lovely! It is DOLE who KILLED UHC in 93, frakker…..

Tom Daschle and Barack Obama

Tom Daschle and Barack Obama

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