The franchise is dead. Long live the franchise!! Weinstein Co. to bring Halloween to 3D in 2010…

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Well! I am SOOOOOOOO glad Rob Zombie did not manage to kill the franchise. It should NOT have to go out with the dreck that is the H2 remake as its last hurrah.

I have read in several places that the Weinstein Co. is having some financial issues. I think ‘Halloween’ may have the lure of the Kavorka! No seriously though I guess that is why they are turning to tried and true box office like Scream and Halloween. Whatever it takes to let the franchise recover from being ‘Zombied’, I am all for it!


Further establishing a trend for 3-D genre pictures of a kind not seen since the 1950s, Weinstein Co. co-Chairman Bob Weinstein has announced that the next movie in the rebooted Halloween franchise will be Halloween 3D, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rob Zombie, the director of the recent Halloween and this past weekend’s strong opener Halloween II, is currently developing a second remake of The Blob and will not be attached.

Okay good news is Zombie is not involved, bad news is Zombie is going after another classic the Blob, Why? Why you do this to me Demme Zombie? The Devil’s Rejects, although not my kind of film, was clearly what he wants to do, so why keep reworking old horror/scifi and pixxing people off? Ahh maybe THAT is why, he LIKES to pixx people off and maybe doesnt get enough juice from the originals? Nah, more likely it is that dopey producers will not underwrite anything without it being YARM today….

Recall the Kevin Dillon The Blob YARM in the 80s? I mean when you are YARMING YARM you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel creatively aren’t you?

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Update: SciFiWire’s Todd Gilchrist slaughters Zombie’s sequel in review…Halloween 2 review roundup…

Update: WOW! Todd Gilchrist’s review on SciFiWire is as brutal as Zombie’s gore splashed grunting kill scenes:

Comparing Halloween to Halloween II is a little bit like debating the comparative value of two bowel movements. Both are equally worthless, but the first was excruciating while the second just uncomfortable—although it’s unclear whether there’s an actual difference, or you were simply prepared for the pain after having gone through the experience once already.

That said, Halloween II is in fact better than its predecessor, which means that the series went from abominable to merely unwatchable, and which means that “fans” of the 2007 reboot may indeed enjoy it. But anyone uninitiated with Rob Zombie’s brand of grainy hillbilly brutality would be better served by eating a bran muffin and steering clear of this particular horror film, because it’s a compliment to call it a piece of crap…(go read the whole thing!)

This line from the review perfectly encapsulates what I find lacking in the GROSS factor horror today found in Saw, Hostel, and Zombie’s remakes of classic Carpenter:

…But it’s also a sure sign of desperation that the only moment in which the writer-director really references Carpenter’s films is in the final scene, when he uses the original’s familiar piano refrain to emphasize a character’s deteriorating sanity, and unfortunately, underscore the difference between jarring shock-exploitation and genuinely disturbing suspense: no matter how graphically one can depict a scene of violence, its impact will never compare to the lasting effect of an image, much less an entire film, in which a palpable mood is created and then successfully communicated to its audience….

These are spoiler free…

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The reviews consistently dislike the Zombie take on Dr Loomis in H2….Zombie seems to deliberately make the audience dislike the characters…is this supposed to make us develop a sympathy for Michael b/c everyone else is so awful? dunno….


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Update: Halloween 2 – Behind the Scenes…

Update, 2nd vid added:

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Update: H2 ‘Evil Never Sleeps’ Trailer added…SDCC ’09: Sorority House and Halloween 2 & to scare or to disgust? the different stylistic choices in horror films…

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William Castle

William Castle

Here are two more entries into the recent slew of horror YARMs…I’ve been critical of the movement for the most part, with the exception of the William Castle films, especially after the borefest that was the F13 remake..but they are starting to grow on me at this point…

Film, perhaps above all other art forms – lends itself to the disturbance of the viewer to incite emotion as a form of artistic expression, and Zombie has this talent in spades. It is likely why I hated the Halloween remake, it is undistilled -horror- in its essence I suppose, it sure as hell horrified me..but it wasn’t an enjoyable experience, which is for me essential in a film…

The John Carpenter film does not disturb me the way Rob Zombie’s vision does, which is probably what he intends. So for those who like to be shaken and pushed way out of their comfort zone there is the H2 coming up, and for the peeps who want old style slasher-suspense with new effects and an updated look we have the rest…hopefully Elm St will be FAR FAR better than the pathetic entry that was F13…..

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What has a bushy tail, likes nuts and scares the scares the stars of Sorority Row (Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis, Margo Harshman and Audrina Patridge)? Find out….We sent Rob Zombie’s kid brother (a.k.a. our very own Spider) to get the lowdown on all of Rob’s upcoming projects, most notably Halloween 2. Can you blame us? After all, the movie’s tag line is ‘Family is Forever….

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies: Rob Zombie extends his destruction to H2…

Why why why?

Why you do this to me Demmie Zombie??

As if the utter EPIC FAIL of Zombie’s Halloween YARM were not enough, they add insult to injury by utterly destroying H2…Zombie has added his wife again, appearing as guess who?… THE GHOST OF HIS MOM, Gee sound familiar??? Hmmm F13th YARM anyone? Just go do your own borderline softcore porn S & M flick Rob, don’t frak around with the masterpieces of horror history people please…..

And PS they are already moving on F13YARM PT 2….ugh….

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Here is the real deal, sans Zombie BS reimagining…

Courtesy of  mcmuffin985504, go to their channel for the rest of the film….

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