ALERT the media! oh yeah, nevermind: AP reports 52% DISAPPROVE of TOTUS healthcare and 49% disapprove overall…

Update: More highlights from the poll courtesy of AHFF Geoff at AceHQ:

support oppose cong bills – 34 /49
hc bill must be bipartisan 79 yes/20  no (SEVENTY NINE??)
obama proceed w.o gop? NO – 66, YES – 28

What do you think the President and Congress should do when they come back to Washington this fall? Do you think they should…
Keep working to pass a health care plan by the end of
the year 39
Scrap the current negotiations and start over from
scratch 42
Leave the health care system as it is now 18
Don’t know 1
Refused *
Based on: N=1,001

Here is Gibby this morning spinning madly, first TOTUS doesnt govern by polls, then he says the polls show the public wants a public plan, spin Gibby spin like Taz! BWAAAHAAA..Gibby says they want to be bipartisan and Drudge has up a headline that Boehner says TOTUS has not invited the GOP to parlay since April…GOP has put forward no less than three plans including HR 3400 and Wyden-Bennett…Baucus confirmed this morning that all 3 GOP members of his finance Cmte put forward suggestions to him before noon today…

That is the sound of the dam breaking….

The dam of propaganda and hype the MSM put up to pressure people into saying they approved of the abominable performance of Team TOTUS in handling the economy to date..

People can SEE their fellow country men and women and children at townhalls and tea parties. Now we ALL know that most of us ALL feel the same way..despite the heavy handed journOlist fog of Obamalove, and polling of ADULTS instead of likely VOTERS…

and Hey Media! we DISAPPROVE you intellectual elitists!!!


Get OUT OF OUR WAY. Let Americans do what we do best, build and GROW…

Just get your high flying ideals out of our real world way of life!


AP, mind you, and it’s a poll of adults to boot.

52% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, too. And…

A similar number disapprove of his handling of taxes, some of which may rise to help finance his health overhaul. And 56 percent dislike his handling of the budget deficit, which has skyrocketed under the costs of the financial bailouts and a recession that has caused sinking federal revenues….

.. Here’s the actual poll, again sent by AHFF Geoff. Lots of good eatin’ here.

On the economy, for example, 58% had approved of Obama’s handling back in April. That is now down to 44%….

GNR courtesy of Ildy87

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TOTUS, voting Present since 1995

Voting present since 1995 or whatever year he took an is the FOX panel discussing what TOTUS needs to do in Wednesday’s speech.

Based on all the president’s  spinmeisters appearances today and the latest journOlist ledes, it would seem TOTUS will CONTINUE to vote present on a public option in his latest ‘biggest speech evah’ this Wednesday, sounding like he is for it, but not backing away from Olympia Snowe’s pet triggers…IOW he won’t lay a veto on the line and take a stand either way, leadership? Where is the passion? OPAQUE they name is TOTUS …

Courtesy of FoxNewsElectionHQ

While Gibby is tossing the public option unda da bus, TOTUS ‘official speak’ is he is gonna be Tuff but not on his neoprog libs according to Politico, they said WE DON’T TRIANGULATE IN THIS WH, IOW he will not go moderate which is how he ran..lines in the sand huh? step over it baby, don’t let this TOTUS take our economy off a cliff!….

…2) He will not confront or scold the left. “This is a case for bold action, not a stick in the eye to our supporters,” said an official involved in speech preparation. “That’s not how President Obama thinks. The politics of triangulation don’t live in this White House.”..

Face it neo progs your guy is voting PRESENT…

Courtesy of patriotsandheroes

TOTUS is lifting his themes from Bugs Bunny again I’m a tellin ya! This time it is Yosemite Sam with the ‘I dare ya to cross that line’

Courtesy of upthathoroscope

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Update: Glenn Beck 1 – TOTUS 0…

Update: THE most important point from MM:

…The story is not just about Jones.

The story is about Adolfo Carrion, Carol Browner, Vivek Kundra, Nancy DeParle, John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, Obama’s education comrades, and the culture of circumvention and corruption that plagues this White House.

The story is the czar explosion, purposeful undermining of congressional oversight, Valerie Jarrett’s promotion of a two-bit Jeremiah Wright in eco-guru’s clothing, and the public vetting of unaccountable Obama appointees that Washington won’t do.

They don’t get it. They’re in the tank. Behind the curve. And slouching towards irrelevance….

Shout out to GatewayPundit without whom actual investigative reporting would never have been done!

Courtesy of politicsnewspolitics

-Healthcare Public Option broken out to separate post, MiM 10:20am AZ time.

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Laura Ingraham and O’Reilly on Garrett/Gibbs email discussion…

Courtesy of patriotsandheroes

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WH Email List? Major Garrett has Gibbs stuttering…

Courtesy of FoxNewsElectionHQ

Is Axelrasputin sending Organizing forAmerica prohealthcare spam emails to citizens without solicitation? Are people who never signed up getting Axelrasputin emails now from a WH list? Robert Gibbs gets very testy….

Courtesy of patriotsandheroes

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Compare/Contrast: TOTUS in Ghana – Big Dawg and GW in Ghana…

In 1998 United States president Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton made a six-nation tour of Africa, the most extensive visit to Africa ever undertaken by a sitting U.S. president. At his first stop, in Ghana, Clinton was greeted by a crowd hundreds of thousands strong. Here, draped in a traditional Ghanaian kente cloth, President Clinton, center, waves to the crowd, accompanied by the first lady, far right, and Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings left.

In 1998 United States president Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton made a six-nation tour of Africa, the most extensive visit to Africa ever undertaken by a sitting U.S. president. At his first stop, in Ghana, Clinton was greeted by a crowd hundreds of thousands strong. Here, draped in a traditional Ghanaian kente cloth, President Clinton, center, waves to the crowd, accompanied by the first lady, far right, and Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings left.

When Big Dawg and GW Bush went to Ghana they spoke to tens of thousands of the people, directly, as they gathered in the square. In the case of Big Dawg’s visit there was panic over a stampede, and Big Dawg literally saved a woman from being crushed by pulling her up. His hands were so scratched his staff and Secret Service were terrified for him. Crowds were wild about Bill and wild about GW Bush also. Both these presidents did a tremendous amount for Africa and the people knew they cared.

February 20, 2008 – President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush greet Ghanaian tribal chiefs and members of tribes, in Accra, Ghana. President Bush met with 30 tribal chiefs during his visit to the International Trade Fair Center. (White House photo by Shealah Craighead.)

February 20, 2008 – President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush greet Ghanaian tribal chiefs and members of tribes, in Accra, Ghana. President Bush met with 30 tribal chiefs during his visit to the International Trade Fair Center. (White House photo by Shealah Craighead.)

Click the link to view he embedded video of the Big Dawg visit at Politico, here is the write up by Gerstein:

It might seem like a moment just too good for the White House to pass up – America’s first black president, on his first trip to sub-Saharan Africa, looking out over a sea of jubilant faces, delivering a message of friendship and hope.

Yet President Barack Obama, who would command a monumental audience nearly anywhere he spoke on the continent where he traces his ancestry, is not scheduled to deliver a speech to the general public when he visits Ghana next week.

The White House said it preferred a smaller event at Ghana’s parliament to herald the nation’s democratic traditions. But some suspect the reason has its roots in an event that holds a storied place in White House lore – President Bill Clinton’s 1998 speech to a massive crowd in the sweltering heat of Accra, Ghana, where Obama will visit as well.

For Clinton, the first stop on a 12-day, six-country African journey was a chance to bask in the adulation far from Washington (MiM here-yada yada Monica).

Whatever the number, the overheated, overcrowded, overwhelming event left some in Clinton’s party worried that he’d been shot, and a doctor concerned that he could contract HIV from frantic interaction with the crowd. And it took a threatening turn at the end, as a red-faced, shouting Clinton implored the crowd, “Get back! Back off!” as it threatened to crush a woman near the front of the stage.

“The crowd was so large that it began surging towards the stage. Suddenly, a woman in the front of the crowd began to get trampled,” recalled Sandy Berger, Clinton’s national security

adviser at the time. “Clinton jumped up and put his arm down over the side and grabbed her. The Secret Service thought he’d been shot and freaked out.”

“He saved her life,” Berger said. “It was a kind of tumultuous scene.”

Clinton’s White House physician Dr. Connie Mariano said she started out that day worried about the heat, but wound up concerned about HIV.

“It was steamy, and hot, and miserable,” Mariano recalled. “[Ghana’s president General Jerry] Rawlings put a ceremonial robe over [Clinton’s] dark business suit and I thought, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to pass out,’” she said.

Mariano said the feverish crowd and the scuffle over people being crushed at the front left the president nicked up.

“He got scratches. His hands were cut because people’s nails were scratching him because they wanted to hold him,” she said. “Realize how many HIV-positive people there were there. … It was an extremely frightening experience.”

As the crowd surged forward, police wielding rubber truncheons slammed them down on the hands of people holding onto the barricades. The front-line people would jump back, only to be pushed forward, grab the barricades, and have their hands whacked again. Reporters offering bottled water to parched Ghanaians nearly triggered a stampede.

“I just remember the mass of flesh. There was like a gazillion people, more than I had ever seen in my life,” said Ann Scales, who covered the event for The Boston Globe.

We have seen quite a lot of footage of TOTUS travels abroad, and tens of thousands amassed in Berlin to see him. But for some reason when he went to Ghana the crowds were small and he was behind bullet proof barriers and did not address the massive crowds that Big Dawg and GW spoke to.

So as the American media proudly proclaims this a historic visit, (and in the sense that our previous Presidents who went there were not of African descent this is so), let’s take a moment and give a shout out to GW Bush and the Big Dawg who went to see the people (not to be seen and drop off a big check).

AP of all places!:

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Update: Helen goes after Team TOTUS Round Deux…Chip Reid and Helen Thomas take Robert Gibbs to task…

Update: Allah at HA has Helen going off in even more detail on TOTUS media tactics:

…“Nixon didn’t try to do that,” Thomas said. “They couldn’t control (the media). They didn’t try.

“What the hell do they think we are, puppets?” Thomas said. “They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them.”..

…“I’m not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well–for the town halls, for the press conferences,” she said. “It’s blatant. They don’t give a damn if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame.”…

The WH Press Corps slowly awakens from its koolaid induced stupor……

Courtesy of nickj077:

(HT to RealClearPolitics)

“CBS’ Chip Reid and Helen Thomas double teamed Robert Gibbs today at the daily press briefing on the “tightly controlled” town hall meeting President Obama will hold on health care. Gibbs kept saying lets have this discussion AFTER the meeting. Helen Thomas accused the White House of “controlling the press.” She said almost all White House/Obama events are “prepackaged.” She accused the White House of not “having any answers.”

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Why Mrs. MiM hearts Jake Tapper…

Jake has thus far resisted being assimilated or replaced by a pod person. He is all over the Team TOTUS intimidation on IGs…

Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 6/19/2009

June 19, 2009 3:44 PM

TAPPER: Earlier this year  the special inspector general for TARP Neil Barofsky tried to get documents relating to AIG.  The Treasury Department rebuffed that request, and although ultimately I think they did turn over the documents, the Treasury Department sought a ruling from the Justice Department on just how independent Neil Barofsky’s office is supposed to be. Please explain from the administration’s perspective what exactly is going on here and why it appears as though the Treasury Department is pushing back against an independent inspector general.

GIBBS:  Well, obviously, Jake, the president believes that inspectors general fulfill a unique and important role in ensuring that programs operate with efficiency.  No attorney-client privilege on any of this stuff has been invoked.  No documents sought have been or are being withheld.  The DOJ review is not related to any particular investigation.  It is sorting out legal issues relating to the creation of the office.

TAPPER:  Right.  But could you explain — could you actually answer my question?  I understand the talking points you’ve been given, but — but could you answer my question, which is why would the Treasury Department push back against the inspector general trying to get the documents…


GIBBS:  Well, again…


TAPPER:  I understand…


GIBBS:  I would point you to DOJ on the specifics of that, and point you to the fact that the documents haven’t been withheld.

TAPPER:  But Robert, we’re only, what, about 150-some days into this presidency.


GIBBS:  One-hundred-and-fifty-one.

TAPPER:  One-hundred-and-fifty-one days into this presidency, and already the president has fired one inspector general and his Treasury Department is challenging the independence of a different inspector general.  Can you understand why people who believe the president when he talked about the desire to be held accountable and the need for transparency, would say…


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