Twofer Tuesday: Operator (Jim Croce and Sade)

Jim Croce, remastered, courtesy of maxstratos

Sade, full length 8 minute video, courtesy of richmonsoon

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I thought we had Smooth Operators..turns out not so much…

what a clusterfrak, these guys are NOT READY FOR PRIMETIME PLAYERS, DOW now down 363….post Geithner total letdown, watching Bernanke now and even Kanjorski gets it, TELL US THE PROBLEM AND THE PLAN …Let us know the new ROOLZ so we can go forward and get some confidence back..

we have only been waiting for a housing plan since 2007 so NO RUSH OR ANYTHING  … except you keep telling us the world is ending so where the hell is the rescue plan geniuses??

So much for the smartest guys in the room..

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