Hitler responds to the iPad

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The Pillage Idiot Guide to Offensive Statements by Public Officials

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It’s one thing for Barack Obama to grant absolution for an ally’s dubious racial remark, but when Al Sharpton absolves the offender, you just know there are different standards at work….

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‘Mad Men’ in 60 seconds

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Atom.com: Intercourse with a Vampire, Episode 1

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Inevitable, but fun: “Intercourse With a Vampire,” a spoof of the whole vampire rage.Here’s what life might be like if you actually married that vampire you dated in high school… “Does my hair frighten you?””It should, but it doesn’t…”

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Fran Krantz: MegaBot on Atom.com; Episodes 1 & 2

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Courtesy of tubefiltertv:

… robot comedy series MegaBot on Atom.com..The Power Rangers (or Voltron) spoof series isn’t quite Whedon standard, though gets by with some laughs, love triangles and self-aware know-it-alls piloting a superpowered robot.

The five member team each sports its own color: Blue is Fran Kranz, Red is Miles Fisher, Pink is Heather Anne Campbell, Black is Giovanni Adams, and Yellow is none other than comedian Randall Park who as we noted earlier, you might know from Dr. Miracles.

We asked writer Micah Fitzerman-Blue, one of the co-founders of 5432 Films, the transmedia production company behind the series, about the Whedon connection. “Just to be a distant planet in the Whedonverse is a distinct honor,” he said. “The Whedon fan community has been incredibly warm to us for putting one of their own in MegaBot.”

The 5432 team, which includes directors Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umetani had actually taken a unique path to funding the project, teaming up with indie film production company Cherry Sky Films to back the production. From there, they ended up taking the 5-episode first season to Comedy Central’s Atom.com which Fitzerman-Blue called “a perfect fit.”

The comedy video site is also home to standout The Legend of Neil, which he added is also a nice association. “We’re big fans of Legend of Neil and see it fitting stylistically into that same kind of cartoons and video games gone wrong theme.”

New episodes of the series come out every Wednesday for the next four weeks. As for more episodes, it remains to be seen how this first batch performs. “We would love to see a second season..and a 15th season,” added Fitzerman-Blue. Time will have to tell.

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Horror Spoof: Transylmania trailer…

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Update: When MiM worlds collide: Red State Update meets SDCC: Dennis Miller, ‘Avatar’ Cast, James Cameron Talk To Jackie at Comic-Con

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Jackie interviews Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lange, and James Cameron after the ‘Avatar’ preview at Comic-Con.http://www.redstateupdate.com


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