TSCC: FOX Network Exec Upfronts Meeting: Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Part 1 and 2

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Part 1:

From THE Capt Jack Sparrow

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: German and Australian Fans and Sites Support TSCC Renewal….We Are the Resistance!!!

Worldwide Fans Baby!!!!! Take Action to Save TSCC  Today!!!


Es ist unglaublich, was die internationale Fangemeinde der Serie in den letzten Wochen auf die Beine gestellt hat. FOX hat jetzt die Möglichkeit, zwar ein bisschen mehr Geld als geplant auszugeben, aber dafür für sehr lange Zeit die Gunst der Fans zu gewinnen.

Nachdem „Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles“ etliche Wettbewerbe darum gewann, welche Serie nach dieser Season gerettet werden soll, tun sich Fans aus allen Ländern an diesem Freitag zusammen, um einen letzten gewaltigen Ruf Richtung FOX auszustoßen. Auf der Seite der amerikanischen Terminator-Wiki werden an diesem Freitag alle, denen das Schicksal der Serie am Herzen liegt, gebeten, sie anzuklicken und sich so an der Rettungsaktion zu beteiligen. Alles startet am 15.5.2009 um 02:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit.

„Terminator for Life: We are the Resistance!“ nachzulesen bei Serienjunkies

Außerdem tauchten zuletzt zwei Rettungsvideos auf YouTube auf:

One of two fan campaign videos organized by http://www.savethescc.com

Thanks to all the fans who submitted videos and a special thanks to cinebo for all of your help and for the great idea!


For information on what you can do to help, visit us at http://www.savethescc.com

Clips and music from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are the property of FOX and other related interests. No infringement is intended.

Letter Writing Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/letter.html

Postcard Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/postcard.html

Advertisers Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/purchasing….

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

We should be getting a decision on Season Three next week…

Last chance to pull out all the stops and get TSCC renewed!!!!

Both videos courtesy of solesverdes, created by Hector

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TSCC: CNN good for something after all! Picks up SAVE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES movement….

 By Kiska-chan

By Kiska-chan


(CNN) — …..It was a daring, surprising, brilliant cliffhanger for a show that’s gained a loyal following, particularly among people like me who are in awe of it. It also opens the door to anyone who hasn’t discovered this show yet, allowing for a fresh start…

..Ending on this Season 2 cliffhanger would be a shame….When Fox picked up this “Terminator,” it took on one of the most successful sci-fi franchises in modern entertainment history. It courted “Terminator” fans, as well as people like me who never gave much thought to the movies but appreciate deep, high-quality TV storytelling. Ending on this “what happens now” cliffhanger would leave a gaping hole in the franchise’s history.

..But of bigger concern, of course, is that “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is just really good TV — the kind that you want to believe can last. And that’s thanks to Josh Friedman, the inspired executive producer. For him, “Terminator” isn’t about special effects and metal monsters. It’s a family drama; a mother and son entrusted with a huge secret and the responsibility to change the future, no matter what the cost.

Without clobbering you with messages, Friedman gets you thinking — about people whose secret struggles you can’t know, about living with trauma and moving forward, about the strength and fragility of teenagers, and about the otherwise impossible things parents manage to do to protect their children. Sarah is parental adrenaline personified. It’s also a show about cancer. We know Sarah can successfully battle robots, evil people and well-meaning authorities who want her locked up. But will cancer ultimately do her in? Friedman has talked about the show serving as a catharsis for his own real-life battle against cancer….

Fans can’t wait to find out what happens with Sarah (Lena Headey) in the new reality. Did she follow her son into the future? If not, what happened to her?


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TSCC: Sarah Connor Chronicles wins E! Save One Show Poll, Josh Friedman thanks the fans! and i09 has a way to help bring back TSCC for Season 3!!!


The Sarah Connor Chronicles won the E!  Save Our Show poll!!

Congratulations to our 2009 Save One Show winner, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

In case you don’t know, Save One Show is E!’s annual opportunity for fans to determine which TV series in danger of cancellation most needs to be saved…

..This year, in true killer-cyborg fashion, Terminator kicked ass, with 53 percent of the final-round vote. Chuck was the runner-up with 25 percent, followed by Dollhouse with 10 percent, Life with 8 percent and Privileged with 4 percent.

..When the results of your 300,000 votes came in, we called up Terminator show runner and executive producer Josh Friedman with the good news, and he told us exclusively, “I think I speak for everybody who works on the show when I say thank you to the fans for their tireless work to save our show. I think it really goes to show that there’s a really hard-core, emotional, passionate fan base for Terminator that is larger and more widespread than people give us credit for.”

E! Exclusive interview with Josh Freidman, go read the whole thing!:

Josh Friedman, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles show runner and executive producer, tell us that the latest news from the network is this: “They have given me no signs in either direction. I actually haven’t spoken with Fox in weeks. They said they’re going to make all their decisions when they get the pilots in, and I don’t think they have any of their pilots in yet. Things are just starting to come in from the other shows.”

Never Give Up, Never Give In: Definitely hang in there, fans, because Josh believes there is every hope that the show will get picked up. As he tells us about Fox’s executives and programming bosses (aka the powers that be), “They’re all people, too, and they hear what goes on [with stuff like Save One Show]. I don’t think it’s a futile effort at all for people to continue to fight for the show.”

when will we know for sure? Says Josh, “My experience with them in the past is they make their decision on the day that they have to make their decision and not a day before that.” And that day? That’s May 18, the day of the Fox upfront, so mark your calendars, Terminator fans! We’ll be in New York that day to get the word live, so check back early and often for the latest updates on Terminator‘s fate!


..We’ve started a Flickr group called “Sarah Connor Made Me Do It.” Post pictures of yourself with products that sponsored Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles there, and we’ll make sure the folks at Fox and Warner Bros. see it. (A semi-complete list of products that sponsored the show is here.) Update: Sources tell io9 the show’s biggest sponsors were Chrysler Dodge Ram and Verizon Wireless.

Bonus points if you manage to look like a Terminator or a future Resistance fighter holding a Mountain Dew bottle or Dove Bar.

You can also buy some of these products and send them to Fox or Warners at the addresses here, with a note saying “Sarah Connor made me do it.” And as always, if you do write to either studio, please make sure your post is respectful and non-psychotic. Do it for Sarah Connor!…

*Created by EclectikEdit

Music vid dedicated to cast and crew of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, featuring a track from the late great George Harrison. Hoping we see a third season with this wonderful cast.


List of TSCC Product Sponsors for Flickr Campaign after the jump:


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TSCC: Sarah Connor Chronicles the Fan Fave to Bring Back for Another Season….


From zap2it:

If you, the Zap2it readers, were in charge of network scheduling for next season, then all the talk about “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Chuck” being on the bubble for renewal would disappear. The two series have emerged as the overwhelming favorites in our Keep ’em or Kill ’em polls of 27 series that we think could go either way when the networks announce their 2009-10 schedules over the next few weeks…

…”Terminator” fans mobilized heavily to vote in their show’s poll. As of 2 p.m. ET Thursday, the show had racked up 26,553 votes — more than twice as many as any other show on the list — and 86 percent of them (22,711) say FOX should keep the modestly rated show (5.3 million viewers this season) on the air….

iNotice ‘Chuck’  ““Chuck” – Keep it: 80%, Kill it: 20% (11,495 votes)”: has only HALF the votes of TSCC ““Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” – Keep it: 86%, Kill it: 14% (26,553 votes)” and Dollhouse  falls a short third ““Dollhouse” – Keep it: 64%, Kill it: 36% (10,123 votes)”  And as for Chuck,  who is NBC kidding, they have ONE hit show they are gonna cancel it? Mnn I think not. Mobilize for TSCC!

Go vote for TSCC on the Zap2It OnTheBubble poll here, (it is a dropdown menu)

Also the E! vote is getting some buzz on TVbytheNumbers and the Sun Sentinel:

…E! is spearheading one of the more prominent crusades. Supposedly the leading vote getters are Chuck, Dollhouse, Life, Privileged and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

…By the way, I think E!’s finalists might be designed to make it appear the campaign is successful. There are at least a couple of series on the roster of finalists that have a decent chance at renewal absent any campaign….


*Video created by Mastersun88:

This is a fan made tribute no rights taken
Fox, TSCC, Cast & Crew own the rights

The Song Belongs to Trapt

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