Happy Constitution Day! Schoolhouse Rock ~ The Preamble

The saving grace of growing up in the 70s was the Bicentennial. Carter couldn’t hold a good country down and neither will Obama.

Rock on Patriots! God Bless America!

From NewsChief, a woman who came to America from Cuba talks about how amazing this country is and how much we have to be grateful for:

…All of the East Polk chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution joined together to put on a Sept. 9 luncheon at the Peace River Country Club to hear Lakeland author Teresa Vazquez Martinez speak about how important this document is to her.

“The Constitution means so much to me, I wrote a book,” Martinez said.

Martinez and her family left Cuba after Fidel Castro came into power and Cuba became a communist nation.

“When he came in, they took everything my family ever worked for and said that it now belongs to the people,” she said. “Imagine life as you know it right now, and everything is taken away. They even told us that our belief in God was a fallacy. It took us eight years to get out of there.”

She said her father wanted his children to be free, so they came to America not knowing the language or where they would even sleep.

“They are still doing it today, for a better life here,” she said. “How many of you would throw yourselves on a man-made raft to the mercy of the sea?”

Martinez said that her family and she are exiles, not immigrants, and that Cubans are the fastest-growing middle-class segment in America today.

In expressing her strong beliefs in the U.S. Constitution, Martinez said that it is critical for Americans to realize what they have in the words of the Constitution….

Never forget the blessings and protections that our founders gave us by articulating our God given rights and freedoms as the basis for our nation.

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