MailOnline: ‘The Capture of Cerberus’ Agatha Christie Poirot mystery unseen for 60 years…

Cannot WAIT for it to be published this side of the pond!!! May have to order now from AbeBooks!



…Why is this such a genuinely exciting find? Partly because the story is so unusual for her. It is one of her rare excursions into making direct political comment, which is why it was never published.

The Capture Of Cerberus (she wrote a completely different short story with the same title in 1947) revolves around a dictator called August Hertzlein, who is clearly Adolf Hitler…


Hercule Poirot sipped his apéritif and looked out across the Lake of Geneva. He sighed. He had spent his morning talking to certain diplomatic personages, all in a state of high agitation, and he was tired. For he had been unable to offer them any comfort in their difficulties.

The world was in a very disturbed state – every nation alert and tense. At any minute the blow might fall – and once more be plunged into war.

Hercule Poirot sighed. He remembered 1914 only too well. He had no illusions about war. It settled nothing. The peace it brought in its wake was usually only the peace of exhaustion – not a constructive peace.

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