Summer Reading: Laurell K. Hamilton, Patricia Briggs, MaryJanice Davidson, Sherrilyn Kenyon…

Bad news is TSCC is cancelled. Good news is there is a slew of  summer fiction coming our way from the *supernatural/paranormal/lycan/vampire/Arthurian Alternate Universe/Romance/Thriller* genre  for plenty of page turning/ Kindle flipping reading pleasure :0)


Laurell K. Hamilton: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series, #17 : Skin Trade – Release Date: June 2, 2009 ( and the next Merry Gentry novel will be released in time for the Holidays, December 8, 2009- Divine Misdemeanors, Book 8 available for preorder on Amazon)

divine misdemeanors

Mary Janice Davidson – Undead and Unwelcome: Queen Betsy, Book 8: Release Date: June 2, 2009 (I know MJD changed the cover art work b/c so many authors bit the style, but I really miss the old artwork!) This will crossover with the Wyndham Wolves series…

undeadandunwelcomeSherrilyn Kenyon –Bad Moon Rising:A Dark Hunter Novel: (the story of Fang Kattalakis)-  Release Date: August 4, 2009


Patricia Briggs: Mercy Thompson Series: Homecoming: Release Date: August 25, 2009


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Interview with a Vampire Slayer: Laurell K. Hamilton on latest Anita Blake: ‘Skin Trade’…

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

Anita Blake in Marvel Graphic Art form

The latest Anita Blake novel ‘Skin Trade’ is set for tentative release on June 2, 2009..

Laurell has a wonderful in-depth interview with Aimee Levitt of the River Front Times here for any Anita Blake/Merry Gentry fans who may have missed it:

“Well,” she says finally, “the new book is called Skin Trade and it begins with Anita getting a severed head on her desk. I can’t decide if it comes through the postal service or FedEx. Can you send body parts through FedEx in this country? Anyway, it’s an invitation to Vegas.”

Anita, of course, is Anita Blake, the St. Louis-based vampire hunter who is the star of 16 of Hamilton’s 26 books and an old friend to most of the crowd here tonight.


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