BIG 3 On the Hill and Detroit Rock City

FINAL UPDATE: CSPAN now has the video of the CEOs (Panel 2) up here

Panel 1 (Congress persons from affected states supporting auto TARP use) also up here

UPDATE 3: Maxine Waters, D-CA wants each of the BIG 3 CEOs to promise to dedicate 1 billion of the bailout to helping dealerships, Wagoner said well, we really need all that money (no), Nardelli, yada yada (Maxine says okay you agree), and Mulally says no, the FED actions will free up credit (but he won’t say no).

UPDATE 2: Gee, this is a hostile crowd even on the DEM side

Kanjorski, D-PA, just said to Wagoner, paraphrasing: “Maybe I’m an idiot but I don’t know what the hell you just said; can’t you just tell us how much you need to get through to March 30th..”

Frank chimes in, saying under bill they propose Obama appointees will have ability to VETO any use of the 25 billion they don’t like, WOW!!

Okay after listening to the testimony for a bit and the debates on CNBC I have to chime in and say NO SHXT THE HEALTHCARE IS THE PROBLEM! WTH didn’t you support Hillary’s healthcare in 93!!!

Okay I feel better now :0)

UPDATE: CNBC on ‘Soft Sell’ by Big 3, full page ad taken out in WSJ

watch it here

here is one for Detroit:

BIG 3 on the Hill:

Watch it live here


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