SG*U Premieres Tonight 9/8 C: Stargate Universe – Robert Carlyle Interview @ SDCC ’09 plus Brad Wright Interview and scene from premiere..

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(…)”We needed to shake it up, we needed to change the paradigm a little bit and create a different dynamic,” Wright says. “Just another Stargate? I don’t think the fans would like that. We wanted to take Stargate into the present in terms of television.”

Moreover, Wright tells us that this show is much more of a character drama than SG-1 or Atlantis. And it bites back a little more, with a larger ensemble of characters who must balance their attributes and their proclivities in a fight for survival on the other side of the universe.

“We wanted to make a character drama…a really interesting, dynamic character drama,” Wright asserts. “That’s what the best shows on television are right now. We started Stargate a long time ago. It’s been over 12 years since we started making Stargate SG-1. It has had to evolve, and it has evolved. If you look at some of our early stuff compared to some of our later stuff, you can see the evolution in visual effects, in shooting style…in everything.”

While certain fans may take exception to this philosophy, it’s impossible to argue with Wright’s logic. Graphic and uncompromising television is the new normal for today’s cutting-edge shows. Several other series are debuting this month that will offer similar dark elements of uncertainty—ABC’s V and FlashForward being two examples. Thus, if Stargate didn’t accept the heightened reality and complexity of today’s television drama, it would risk not only repetition…but redundancy….

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SDCC ’09: Stargate Universe extended trailer…

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Following an attack on the Icarus Base, Nicholas Rush leads his team through the Stargate to home. At least, so they think.
Based on the highly successful Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe follows a group of survivors who have lost everything … except hope.

New Worlds
Ancient Mysteries
Extraordinary Adventures
Where will Destiny take you?

Premieres October 2nd 2009 – SyFy Channel (US)

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