Update 5: Even Leno ripping ACORN; The Governator demands investigation: More tapes on the way! NY AG Cuomo opens investigation into ACORN; ACORN Tape up, San Bernadino: Twofer Tuesday: Stevie Nicks. Plus – More ACORN, now with alleged felonies*!

Update: 9/18 – Even LENO is ripping on ACORN! How embarrassing to be the PseudoIntellectual Elite Media!

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Breitbart on Hannity indicated there are more tapes but they will wait before releasing them. They may be waiting out ACORN’S audit, lol!! Extended tape from VeritasVisuals

Clip courtesy of patriotsandheroes

Hannity airs San Diego tape portions, We can now add offers to smuggle illegal (undocumented) underage prostitutes from Tijuana to San Diego from an ACORN worker to the list..check BigGovernment for ongoing updates…

Drudge has a developing headline, upper left, Governator demanding investigation, Booyah…Ahh Ed at HA links to Governator’s twitter on his opening an ACORN investigation


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Tim Bishop (D-NY) comes out of his solitude to hold a townhall! 8/27…

Our previous posts on Tim Bishop here. He is my mom’s Critter. He does not respond to contact from his constituents in any way. He is incredibly condescending which is evident in the videos of the last townhall brouhaha at our previous posts...Bishop you will recall, actually called for a police escort because he was afraid of 20 Long Island retirees who had American flags and good questions…they were rightfully pixxed that he voted for cap and trade against their express wishes…

Via Moe at RedState:

mark your calendar if you’re in NY-01: Bishop has scheduled an in-district town hall for health care! On August 27th, which is about as late as you can get:

On Thursday, August 27 at 6:30pm, Congressman Tim Bishop will host a Town Hall meeting at Brookhaven Town Hall, located at 1 Independence Hill in Farmingville. The meeting is open to all members of the public. Constituents may ask the Congressman about any issue.

I’d note what important things Tim Bishop’s doing up until that point that would prevent him from having a town hall before two more weeks have passed, except that he hasn’t listed any.

Stevie Nicks Demo courtesy of  fleetwoodtrick

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Market Update: DOW closes down 108….

cuz Stevie had it right, playas only love you when theyre playin and traders and TOTUS’ same applies…

DOW down 108 to 8503

S & P down 12 to 911

NAS down 20 to 1796

Gold up 8 to 935

TOTUS has effectively corraled any of the groups that could be providing leadership in the markets right now, regulations come out manyana on the financials, which are pixx poor investments with the toxic BS’ anyway; health cre is under assault no help there, commodities are richocheting off the US Dollar action, retail is a no go the consumer is down for the count, energy is next for TOTUS target no doubt if it rises above 75 the oil execs will be the next to be regulated and that is if we can hold off carbon taxes that long…

the juice off the Fed actions is also gone and bond markets have not reacted as desired (lower 10 yr rates failed to materialize) to the quantitative easing anyway so no help there..

yeah no leadership and the thrill of the short term Bear rally is gone…

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Lindsey Buckingham from the front row…

Yep that’s me doing aeiiieeee and whoooooo hoooooo, LOL!! This is AWESOME that the peep next to me videoed this, okay gonna put up a few clips, you can see for yourself that Lindsey is ON and gave it his ALL, INTENSE!

Look at Lindsey here practically in our laps!!


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Fleetwood Mac: MiM Meets Mick…

MiM Meets Mick


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Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks Piano Demo: Sisters of the Moon…

Courtesy of flamingcrystal

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Fleetwood Mac jams: World Turning vs The Chain…

Courtesy of flamingcrystal:

..With lyrics from Stevie Nicks and music from the rest of the band, The Chain has become the anthem of Fleetwood Mac. The Chain is the never ending tie that bound the band together in the past and binds them together now and, hopefully, well into the future. Undoubtedly this song speaks volumes about bitter feelings, a wavering relationship, and the need to keep the links in the chain together. What is in doubt, however, is the focus of these lyrics. Did Stevie write The Chain as a way to vent her frustration and anger over her shattered relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, or is it a statement about the fragile links between the five members of Fleetwood Mac and their need to stay together for each other and for the sake of the band – or some of both?…

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Fleetwood Mac/ Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks ~ 2004 Australian Interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Courtesy of biglindseyfan77:

This is an AWESOME, very rare Fleetwood Mac (2004) interview No claim or copyright infringement intended.Enjoy…

more about “Fleetwood Mac/ Lindsey Buckingham/Ste…“, posted with vodpod

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