Ladies’ Night: Blanche, Nikki, Sharron, Meg and Carly

Update 4: RGA backs Nikki Haley as the candidate:

A surprisingly blunt press release from the Republican Governors Association all but calls for Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-S.C.) to stand down and let Nikki Haley start running for governor of South Carolina, after she missed the right to avoid a runoff by the narrowest of margins.

The statement from spokesman Tim Murtaugh:

The voters of South Carolina made a clear choice in Nikki Haley, notwithstanding the possibility of a runoff. The outcome is all but certain.Nikki Haley withstood a barrage of innuendoes and slurs in the closing days of the primary season and persevered to the finish with dignity, determination and confidence. Moreover, receiving half of the votes against two other statewide incumbent Republicans and a sitting Congressman speaks volumes of her strength as a candidate and bodes very well for her in the General Election. We congratulate Nikki for her grit and determination…

Update 3: 12:38am EST: AP calls NV Senate GOP primary for Sharron Angle 38% to Sue Lowden 28%. I donated to Lowden, I thought she had the better chance to beat Reid like a rug. Good luck to Angle!

Ladies sweep the night :0)

Update 2: 12:08pm- EST-AP calls it for Carly in the GOP Senate race~

another round on the Ladies…

Now THIS is how to concede, h/t RCP liveblog:

Concession statement from Chuck DeVore: “I just completed my telephone call to Carly Fiorina, to congratulate her on her victory this evening. She is our party’s nominee. I endorse her. I will support her. I will vote for her. And I call upon all of you to do the same in November.”

Update: 11:43pm EST: AP calls it- Meg Whitman wins GOP Gubernatorial race~

Drinks are on me!

Moe Lane:

Some people like to talk big.

“We’re going to take out Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas,” said Moulitsas.

Yeah not so much.

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Primary Day! SC, CA, NV, AR and more…


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Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love: moderate Dems should support Scott Brown (MASS) and Sue Lowden (NV)

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I know this is sacrilege for a lot of Dems, but at this point I am supporting Scott Brown and Sue Lowden. Ask yourself something Democrats, who the hell are we supporting and why?! These Democratic Senators killed prescription drug reimportation, they are gutting Medicare, they are rolling over on the main issues that the party platform espouses in re women and progressive taxation.


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