Update: Transcript up! AUDIO CLIPS UP!!! Susan from Glendale, CA God Bless You! 11:30 am AZ time- to the woman caller (CA) on Rush just now, GOD BLESS YOU, I agree with every word you just said.

Update: Transcript up – after the break h/t Jacob K in comments!!

We are with you Ma’am. As soon as someone gets that audio clip I will post it. God Bless you. I am tearing up listening to you. You are right, what is happening IS wrong, millions of us DO feel EXACTLY as you do. Your passion is a WONDERUL THING. We LOVE our children we LOVE our country. You just expressed the frustration of MiLLIONS of us. We are here.

Susan from Glendale, California GOD BLESS YOU

‘cant give them Freedom, the American Way of Life, everyone has to stand up’ right on Susan.

Transcript and more clips after the break:


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