Update: SEIU/ACORN video added..Team TOTUS recommended tactics already resulting in violence at townhalls…

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Excellent Live Blog report from inside at Frank’s posterous here,partial excerpt at the bottom of the post.

AP has a post up on HA with more video…

Video courtesy of yaldah1995

They have signs and a flag, they arent breaking glass, they want to be heard it appears...

They have signs and a flag, they arent breaking glass, they want to be heard it appears...

Updates from commenters on WTSP, seem to suggest the media is making this seem violent and it was not, we need the video…:

SEIU & Castor organize a townhall and announce it at the last minute as to reduce opposition voices. The townhall was packed 1/2 w SEIU people.

When supporters of healthcare freedom (ie, anti-BigGovHealth demonstrators) were prevented access to the townhall they began to shout, bang windows & doors.

another comment:

This article is complete b.s! The meeting ended early because Kathy Castor left early. “Ellen Gedalius, a Castor spokeswoman, said the Congresswoman left the meeting because she had accomplished what she came for.”

That’s why the meeting ended early. Not because of violence.

There are already many comments from people on that news site blaming El Rushbo. unreal.

To  recap:

the Team TOTUS line to our own elected officials when coming to see US at townhalls is “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard”,get in their faces”, AFLCIO chief said he was sending Labor out to confront people at townhalls, the WH website, Linda Douglass asked for people to REPORT their fellow citizens for their OPINIONS on health care

And the media has been helpfully spreading the Pelosi “swastika” Baird “brown shirt” Hell’s Grannies canard about Tea Party Patriots being thuggish yet overdressed, neonazi insurance executives when in reality they are reasoned individuals expressing their well informed opinions to their own elected officials…

Here is where we are going under Mr Unity Pony (cause Hill and Sarah were so polarizing)

10Connects WTSP Tampa News:

Angry protesters and strong supporters are clashing inside and all around a health care reform town hall meeting in Downtown Tampa.

The meeting which was scheduled to begin at 6:00 at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County drew hundreds of people who quickly began to overwhelm staff and event organizers at the front entrance.As the building filled to capacity, angry protesters stuck outside began to scream, yell, and chant. At one point, those trying to get inside began banging on windows as Tampa Police officers quickly spread out guarding all entrances.

10 Connects photojournalist Kevin Carlson, currently inside the meeting reports at least one fist fight breaking out inside. Some other journalists remain outside.

Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor and State Representative Betty Reed were hosting the event.

UPDATE 7:13pm

Police on bullhorns are trying to break-up the crowd outside the building on 1002 E. Palm Ave.

Many in the crowd are refusing to go.

UPDATE 7:32pm

The forum has ended early.

ESSENTIAL READING!!! LIVE BLOG by Frank’s posterous after the break:


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